I need encouragement

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I have done no pmo for nearly 2 years. I don't feel better, I feel astronomically worse. I eventually relapsed after I finally made 90 days because I was going crazy. My thoughts started to scatter and I've felt fried ever since. I'm so tense I can't concentrate on everything else, and I either have insane amounts of energy or absolute 0 and it's very bipolar. I never felt like THE MAN like most people, I've just felt like shit, the world is so clear it's terrifying and all I feel like I can do is curl in a ball. Everything is so hard, I hate everything and all I can think about is killing myself. Working out is impossible, I get exhausted instantly even though I have tons of energy. It's like my body just wants to shut down...I can't fantasize either. I'm extremely horny all the time, but I don't feel manly about it, I just feel like I have to orgasm or I'm gonna die. When I cave in the orgasms feel impossibly good and relaxing for a while, but soon the desperation for another orgasm is back. I guess I went too far. I feel like suicide is my only way out of this hellhole of existence I've brought myself to.



What else are you doing to balance your brain? Vigorous exercise, meditation, time in nature, daily cold showers, socializing, time with a pet...all help.

There are lots of suggestions from guys who rebooted here. Try some and find what works for you: ♦Solo Tools