Told my cuddle buddy everything

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I went ahead and told my cuddle buddy everything from my porn related Ed and my desire to get away from my fetishes ( didnt mention what they were) and wanting to be humiliated. I told her that I like to please and make sure the girl is pleased and she had an orgasm before I do ( I'm still a virgin but fantasizing that makes me horny). My penis started to rise as not it's much thicker than I've ever seen it. I also told her that my penis was rising and that I had gone 65 days no pmo. She told me about a struggle she had with cancer and how she got over that and that she thought that she is happy that I have the ability to see that I have a problem and want to
Fix it. She also said that it turns her on when a guy kisses her toes and I admItted that that's what I liked. The thing is I did imagine kissing her toes and etc and I got really hard off it it but pushed like I was peeing (reverse kegel) so I didn't come. But I felt like that was edging because I feel like I am holding back on having feelings for her ( because I'm scared to let go due to breakup with ex about 7 months ago).she says she actually cares about me and I feel like she might be catching feelings. Tell me what all you guys think. Btw I do feel a little foggy and stuff. That might be partially to just getting over the flu and not exercising. Off to the steamroom now.


Well done!!!

Good job, opening up and sharing some of your innermost thoughts with your cuddle buddy. And bonus points because she felt safe enough with you that she could open up to you, too.

When one has a good experience like that (partner doesn't get judgmental or otherwise makes you regret what you said), it makes it easier to open up more in the future.