A Small Victory

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As I have discussed previously, my two major danger zones are before I go to bed and when I wake up. Last night, I didn't masturbate or fantasize and this morning I did something I've been wanting to do for the longest time - I choose to sleep late rather than to engage in masturbate or fantasize.

Most mornings, I use the sexual energy to stimulate my brain and get myself out of bed. Today, I ignored those urges. At this point in my addiction, it is better for me to be late to work than to masturbating or fantasize. This may sound a bit counter productive but I believe if I continue down this path, I will actually be able to find an alternative to fantasy and masturbation as a means to get myself out of bed on time. And thus eliminate a major part of my addiction.

I think neruofeedback has been helping me in this regard. There are different stages of training the brain, and we recently started training on another area of the brain that directly correlates to obsession/addiction, etc.


Good to hear

I've noticed that I am not having as many sexual thoughts through out the day. And when I do I can control them much easier. Last night I again reframed from engaging in fantasy or masturbation and the same goes for this morning. This morning I only hit the snooze button once and was able to force myself to go into the shower even though I was very groggy and wanted to go back into bed. I got to work on time. Actually, yesterday and today I woke up before more alarm clock went off, I just choose to take advantage of some extra Zzz Smile Heck, I woke up that early and I hadn't gotten home until 12:30am, so I got to bed maybe a 1am.

I am suppose to see a woman from my office building today around 1pm. I remembered I have a Dr's appointment for 1pm today, to see about going back on medication, but I think the neurofeedback is working. So I going to cancel it or reschedule for next week.