Wonderful Failure!

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My goal of reaching 2 weeks without ejack failed last night. I made it 9 days with lovemaking almost every other day. I was doing great for 20 min or so, and then I got greedy. I kept trying to walk that fine line, and then something in my mind took over. I pumped away, knowing exactly what was going to happen, I didn’t care. It felt wonderful, I was so backed up, so fully erect and she was enjoying it so much. I had the most wonderful, hardest, mind blowing orgasm of my life.
How did I get here? My GF would rather have a massage vs. oral. So I gave her a back legs & ass massage. As I was massaging her ass I placed my erect penis I her opening, slowly and softly inserting my manhood inside her. To my surprise she was getting moist, 10 min later I was fully inserted. This was the 1st time in almost 4 years we has sex without the need for lube!! Who knew, it only took 5 yrs. to finally understanding what it takes to get her excited.
So after my explosion I paid attention to how I felt. No massive downturn at all. I laid in bliss for 15 min after. I definitely felt a lot of heat from my genitals; I never felt this type of heat before. Thru this heat loss I felt my energy leaving me as well. It became so obvious to me why we men must guard against wasting this powerful energy. So this morning I wake up ready to begin again.
Will I ever last 60 days or more? Who knows, honestly I don’t care. It’s not the objective itself that is important…it’s the journey! I’m enjoying this journey, I am experiencing things within myself & my mate that otherwise I would not.



She rarely has one as it is. Always had difficulity. Told you i got a lot of work to do over here!!


No, I am an Alchemist so I don't believe in extremes on either front. Will I ever go back to standard western sex orgasm with every sexual encounter NO. Ideally once to twice a month would be great for me. Maybe have a time when I go 2 months or so but never orgasm, that's not realistic for me nor do i see the need.

I understand my sexuality and what is needed inorder to control it. I still have much work to do but I now know what must be done.

Isn't never trying something

Isn't never trying something an extreme too?

Isn't an aspect of Alchemy what psychology might label individuation? In that light, perhaps something is for everyone including extremes.

Many karezza practitioners likely orgasm from time to time, especially in the first few years. The difference is that it isn't intentional.

It's about balance

Balance will be different for everyone. We all need to find our own bliss. If I am to orgasm thru my practice, I want it to be a wonderful experience, not some type of accident.

Accidental orgasms

The orgasms that happen during karezza (that you don't try for) are the best either of us have ever had. I would definitely consider it a more-than-wonderful experience.

I think "accidental" is the wrong way to describe them. They are mind-bending, lol. But you can't experience one unless you stay present and focused the entire time (not thinking ahead to an orgasm nor expecting one).

Balance can be tricky to get

Balance can be tricky to get one's head around. It exists at many points depending on how one shuffles things around. Presumably some balance points are better or at least more stable than others. Even with balance, experimenting seems important.