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tried being vulnerable again...stupid me

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After being divorced from an abusive husband for 6 years worked so hard to find myself and rebuild self-esteem, made a new life for myself and my children was happy being single gave up PMO concentrated on kundalini. Then I dared to love...what a mistake here I am alone and hurting. I know we need to be vulnerable in order to love/let the love in but really if it's not karezza based what is the use no relationship can work. Happy for any reply just wanted to vent.


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Sometimes I do wonder do we really have an advantage knowing all this information (Coolidge effect etc) when the majority of humans out there are no wiser. After six years of complete abstinence from sex and relationships I have just started dating again and engaging in sexual relationships. I must say that even though I do enjoy the sex so much I feel kind of sorry and almost embarrassed for the guy after he is spent and I am eager to carry on for hours more.

return to PMO...why?

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After 6 years of celibacy including 3 years of abstinence from PMO with only MO once in a blue moon I seem to be heading back where I started. During these 6 years I hoped, prayed and fantasized that one day I could have a karezza relationship with a man.

teenagers and mo

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I often wonder if there could be a connection between rebellious teenagers and too much mo. Could it be that all teenagers over doing mo end up so lazy/lethargic and apathetic and the ones who study hard and don't go off the rails just don't mo at least not much?

need some advise about therapy not about the pmo kind

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My children and I have been working with a fantastic therapist for over two years, she has not only helped us move forward but also emotionally heal. She has offered our family an opportunity to be involved in a conference for therapists. We would have a free 2 hour consultation with Professor Maurizio Andolfi (google him if you like) live in a room full of therapists. My therapist tells me that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity as this guy is such a master therapist she said we would greatly benefit even in one session.

successful people

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I often look at really successful people who have accomplished so much and wonder how they managed as alot of them are overeating and live a life of overstimulation from various things. While I look at them I can't help thinking I bet they are also overstimulating themselves with PMO or at least MO, of course we have no way of knowing and I could easily be wrong. I just can not help this thought when I see people that are greedy in one area I imagine they must be greedy in all areas.