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Frenuloplasty to avoid ejaculation

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Around 5 years ago I got the frenulum cut as it was short and the glans was bent. Now the skin stays back if I place it there and the glans is not so sensitive (autocircumcision). I think it looks better and it it's much easier to avoid ejaculation. As young I had problem with premature ejaculation, but now I can easily avoid.
We have weekly sex, but I only ejaculate a few times per year (I'm 68 years old) if I'm not focused to avoid it. The back side could be a little harder to get erection, but that is not a problem. I would be glad to hear other experiences....

Karezza and desire

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Male 64 with partner not completely interesting of the karezza path, so she finishes with an orgasm. However I have been living the karezza/tantric way for 12 years, but lately I have sometimes noticed weaker erections and a little less desire. Ejaculations are not interesting longer, but to stay close to the limit for long time is what I enjoy. I'm have been much more energetic and creative and filled with love feelings since I avoid ejaculations. However I have found out that there is some kind of taxation to stay close to the limit for an hour or two.