17 days no P, 2 days no MO

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Ok so just a little update. I noticed some new changes when I was completely P and MO free for the first 15 days (a new record) and those changes are returning since I finally MO'd a few days ago. I think I have noticed by voice become deeper, not that i'm having physical changes but I think I'm just less edgey and more relaxed and so my voice is also. I've noticed a different mental state as well... I feel more relaxed, almost tired a lot of the time. It's hard to describe, but things seem a little bit slower than they were before, less rushed, more deliberate and I mean everything including every step I take action I make.

I have no desire to play video games any more. I played once for a couple hours a few days ago but that was the first time in about two weeks. This is partially because I have come to the conclusion they have contributed to my internet/porn addiction and they've been a negative influence on my social life and physical fitness.

I'm going to try something called an Ornish diet. I think my physical condition has affected my ED issues, I say this because I never had any issues until I really let myself go about 7 years ago and I have noticed STRONG improvements during times when I was frequenting the gym multiple times per week and very carefully watching what I was eating.

I just registered for school and will be taking 15 units (it's a lot but I HAVE to finish my BA in 2 years or less).

I also have a date on Monday for lunch with the wonderful woman I saw this past Tuesday and went to the movies with. I have a tendency to become emotionally involved early on and rush things, which I'm fighting against. I do however really like her and hope things continue to go well. I see great potential in us as a couple.