2 anxiet/frustration driven pmo's

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Well I'm not feeling particularly bummed out or setback by my 2 pmo's. I know why it happened... I was feeling confused and frustrated about our 5th date. We saw a movie tonight and the whole thing felt awkward and forced. Last couple days I've been having hocd fears. I think there's just this disconnect between how my body used to react when it was anywhere near the suggestion or idea of girls and sex and how my body is supposed to act as a mature adult, and my not experiencing the natural transition between the two stages. I think that I've also had such rare success in really connecting with someone or feeling like I've had some success or found someone interested in me that I've become attracted to this girl partially because she was interested in me. As time goes on I'm realizing that she's nice and we have a lot in common, but maybe I'm really not all that into her. I have a tendency to make things happen too quickly and I think we saw each other too much in the first week and things may have artificially seemed/felt like there was more there than there actually was.

Logically I know I'm attracted to women because I was initially attracted to women and girls and showed interest in them even at a young age, I remember crushing on them, wanting to date them, being enfatuated in my school years, etc. Unfortunately I can't just talk myself into calming down sometimes.

Either way I think I have a date with someone else coming up and I'm going to go back to my no pmo starting tonight. I'm not going to say I'll never pmo again, but I'm going to shoot for longer than my 35 day record.


Good call

Also, if you're going to let one "off date" or old fears that are probably neurochemically related to your own post-orgasm cycle stop your relationships...you'll never have one for long.

Your perceptions are not as trustworthy as you believe. Keep experimenting and you will see the truth for yourself. If, instead, you bolt every time you feel uncomfortable...you will end up in a hall of mirrors for a long time.

Have you read this?


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Thanks for the articles,

Thanks for the articles, Marnia. I'll check those out.

So last night I spent the night over again. She invited me over for pizza and to watch a movie and I was hesitant at first, but I figured "why not, what's the worst that could happen, I have a bad time?" So I went and it was great. Her attitude was greatly improved over the previous meeting, we had a great time and had LOTS of bonding time. Things got sexual and I took the time to explain to her that I really like her and we went over some of my health issues which she was fine with and appreciated me telling her about. Then prior to an intercourse attempt I was starting to lose my erection as it had been coming and going all night (lots of instances of precum while making out, i'm super encouraged by this) and she was totally fine with it. I told her I had some issues with "that" ( "that" being ED) and she said she was fine with it and she wouldn't get upset or angry or anything.

It was SUCH a load of my mind and emotional stress to get those two things out of the way. I think we're on track for a real relationship, as things are continuing to go well.

It's amazing

how perceptions can shift so quickly. I'm glad you gave the relationship another chance.

It's very cool that you can talk with her openly. I think your issues will evaporate a lot faster with a partner you feel safe with.


that you talked about this and didn't get all freaked out. That is how a real wonderful relationship is built. I love to read about your successes here, as I consider it all a success even the first post on this thread. It's all moving forward for you and that's the key. There is no such thing as a setback. Really happy you explained things to your girl there and are moving along!