Day 15, new lifestyle habits... possible romance

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Day 15. Things are going well.

Due to the cutting (fat burning) phase I'm working out at 7:00 am every workday and I frequently work out during the day as well in the weekends. The amount of exercise I'm getting right now is crazy and I seem to handle it perfectly (no overtraining since I do all kinds of exercises). The changed eating habits work well too, keeping an eye on the calorie intake while eating even healthier than I used to.

Mood has stabilized the last two weeks... no more depressed feelings. Sexual urges are pretty much nonexistent right now and I'm actually feeling pretty good about this flatline. No frustration or anything. I appreciate women for what they are and that's it. No crazy arousal or anything. I'd rather have a really long flatline and then be cured than the endless dabbling I've been in the last year.

Recently I've been feeling more attracted to my tango-partner. We hug a lot more and I can feel there's more chemistry between us.. she has been really open to me, even admitting that she felt aroused by me a few times and that she feels a bit like my girlfriend when she's in my arms while dancing. Pretty much her entire environment thinks we're a couple when they see us.. her gay friend ordered her to have sex with me (you know how open gay people are :) ).

I can't say exactly how my feelings for her are right now, but I feel we could be having our first kiss pretty soon. I'm actually intensely enjoying these feelings of anticipation. I'm usually the guy who goes for the kiss pretty quickly.. building up this suspense feels pretty good! Hopefully she's experiencing the same, in that case we can expect some fireworks in the future :)


i see dancers

and they have a closeness about them even if they haven't gone to bed with each other. Good luck with that and good going on getting back in the saddle on your reboot.