7 months in and i guess you can say "recovered" ....how to have success

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Wow its been a long time since ive been on here and I have moved away and will not be returning but listen here everyone: my life is epic now and here is what i did to make it happen
. I FIRST moved away from this forum which not to he a hater is a dwelling place for negativity and harshness, everyone!!!you will get a boner eventually i promise; marnia you are a saint and your compassion for us will get you a long way in life. But i dont know how you do it :p
Secondly get the HELL outside and socialize. Dont care with who or what. Stop watching tv period stop spending time with your addictions brother the internet and get the eff outside NOW
Get your lazy butt in shape. When you watch porn the women love your fat butt. In real life not so much. And being out of shape just feels bad
I switched over to an all ayurvedic diet....changed my life. Look it up
I accepted responsibility for my actions in all areas of life, i stopped looking for sympathy. This addiction was MY FAULT and while one of the hardest thigs ive ever done. I have overcome and it has made me stronger
Get to the root of why you look at porn. For me it was sexually repressing my alpha male highly active if not constant sex drive. I was tricking my brain into thinking i was getting laid constantly.... That didnt work out well.
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF. Always constantly be you and if you dont know who you are sit your butt down with a piece of paper and write down 45 things deep down that you like to do. Than once you dothat write down your passions. Than after that write down what you want in life. THERE ARE NO REASONS WHY U CANT OBTAIN THOSE GOALS. Dead serious.
Make your life happen for yourself. Sounds cliche because cliches work. Thats why they are still around....
-stress and guilt are emotions that you should wipe out completly. We all do the best we can. Learn from your mistakes do not feel guilt from them. Hint hint all you knucklehead relapse and day counters. Dont be so hard on yourselves
Your boner will come back once you stop worrying about it. Such a funny catch 22. But your hard ons and sexuality are all mental except for when porn fucks that up. Then it has been rewired
Stop being negative. Reframe all negativity into a positive
Self affirmations work
Its okay to want to fuck lots of women. Thats our number one goal as a species. Reproduction. Karezza is rad but its hard because its not fucking how were wired biologically Wink
Start reading!!! NOW. Books on success life hapiness whatever. Read ill give you a list of what im reading now: the laws of attraction, SHUT UP STOP WHINING AND GET A LIFE... I loved that one. 7 habbits of highly succesful people. Happiness a guide to developing lifes most important skill. Finding your zone. 21 laws of leadership
You accomplish your priorities in life if your having issues kicking porn it must not be a big priority for you. Bottom line
Dont be scared of rejection. You WILL GET REJECTED... Alot. Whofucking cares
Dont be a low self esteem bitch. Your the man. Act like a fucking man damnit!
Do what makes you happy. Seriously. What is life without being happy? A super shitty experience. Unless its drugs or porn. Dont do those because those will make you very unhappy. My family taught and my actions showed me how to be very unhappy and i learned you do not have to live in unhappiness. Do what it takes to be happy. Seriously
Dont sell yourself short on women. I still dont get boners kissig chicks sometimes. As i said before, its a combination of mental and physical. If you dont get a boner DO NOT beat yourself up over it. Especially if its with a chick your not feelig attraction or chemistry with. We are not boner machines especially if your scared and feEeling insecure. That will more than likely kill any boner
Dont be a needy little bitch. Girls and guys do not like neediness. As i said before, be a boss pimp that you know you are
Negativity is a wired addiction that is hard to break.... Just like porn. Break it now. You wonder why you dont have friends? Maybe because your a friggen negative dork like i was. Dont drag people down. Bring them up
This was huge:::: Start going on websites that will rewire your brain and give you knowledge on how to interact and fuck women after the atomic bomb of porn went off and ruined everything. Websites that helped me: rsdnation, sashapua youtube channel and website, manwhore.org. All those websites talk about sex. So if your still a dork who will whip his pee pee out and jerk off to the stories.... Dont go on and just go outside instead. Rsdnation will teach you a lot. Watch all the videos. Id highly recommend not joinig the forums. Just another novelty addiction like probably what you do here!:)
Go play a sport, GO
If you dont exercise no wonder you feel like shit
Be direct, be honest
If you dont have passions you are not living life
A consistent sleep schedule is hard to maintain but very important
Buy the things you want, now
Work hard and play hard
Do the things you want to do
Come from a buyer dynamic always
You deserve a lot. Dont sell yourself short
Positive thinking will not cure your problems but it will make life a lot easier
Dont think too much. If your thinking too much/obsessing you now have to act on those things your thinkig about
Think simply, live complicated
Write down things so you dont forget. Like the things you love in life
Be grateful
Defy social conditioning/ social normality's. Avoid group think
Butterflies are a good sign that you should probably do the something thats giving you butterflies
Mild anxiety is normal and should never go away
Get lots of phone numbers.
Banging chicks is all a numbers game. More numbers the more liekly to bang and find a chick you have chemistry with
How do you know what you like if you dont know what you dont like
The hardest things in my life have been my biggest spurts of persoanl growth and clarity
Use a condom. Unless you want genital warts inside your penis. Always have condoms with you everywhere
Use social momentum to your advantage
Be impulsive but no means no and move on

Not trying to be a jerk and brow beat you guys but I know it takes a hard kick in the nuts to snap out of it. How do i know? Because i was one of you guys. I know what its like. On the other side is an amazing life you guys. I made out with two chicks this week had one bootycall me at 1 am and i pinned her against a wall outside a club and made out and felt her up. Last night a convinced a hardcore christian chick to ditch her job and get down with me for an hour in my car. Aw living my life on my terms is so awesome. I have hot chicks in my phone that love and hate me and thats OK! Three biggest points: 1) rewire your brain through those websites2)read 3) get off the internet and go outside and get some exercise.
Also now i masterbate now because i have too and am not in the position yet to have multiple girls who can fill that need. When you have multiple wet dreams a week like me and still no consistent poon it becomes very difficult to go on without release. Thats all inhave to say about that.

Go live your lives you guys. Your boners arent broke forever. I thought mine was and it wasnt. I made it into a bigger deal than it was and once i stopped caring it all came back. The same will happen to you. Do the research and get real chicks to bang you, not the fake ones that lead to weird perversions and loneliness.

I will not be answering questions on here. If you want to get in contact with me for advice or help send me a pm and we can maybe communicate through email.

Adios amigos, go get laid!


i agree with everything you

i agree with everything you said.

especially "Just another novelty addiction like probably what you do here!:)"

after my 90 days, im going to have to put a block on this forum. thanks for the wake up call! wish you the best of luck!


"Get your lazy butt in shape. When you watch porn the women love your fat butt. In real life not so much."

This made me lol.

Congrats on all your success. You're an inspiration.