Does anyone else feel like this..?

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I am wondering if anyone on this forum has dealt with feeling like they despise or feel disgusted by high energy sexuality and sexual personalities I tend to feel really triggered by highly sexual women and I'm not sure if it's because I am afraid of my own potential bisexuality or the aspect of my life or if I am not very sexual at all and I feel shame about that.

I know this is something that I can and will talk with a counselor about but I am trying to get a feel for if I am alone in this or if others in a cultural phenomenon feel rejected if they are not highly sexually charged. I am wondering if maybe because sexuality is so approved of and validated in our society that it is the reason for people feeling so angry at people who get validated in this way

Sorry if this is not directly related to karezza but it is part of my journey because I am wondering if I am abnormal in my sexuality or if I am on the right track



My thought is that we're on a planet where people are often operating on subconscious feelings of lack, desperation etc. (in part because of the way we're taught to use our part because we're not taught to tap into deep feelings of wholeness).

This means it's very difficult for every one of us not to exploit whatever advantages we perceive we have - or at least seek satisfaction from judging each other's choices. And we all tend to think short-term on top of it.

These thoughts allow me to have compassion for most everyone, which is a more comfortable feeling than anger. If you're getting triggered, then you're suffering over a situation you can do nothing about directly. Can you "pretend" you're watching them on TV, so you stay a bit detached? Your peace of mind is precious, even in the face of the superficial sexualization of society.

For me it's linked to Karezza

Maybe there is nothing to do with Karezza and absence of orgasm for you. Bu for me, it's linked.
When I have orgasms regularly, I feel exactly what you describe: not sexual at all, mentally, physically. And I feel so bad seeing women with sexual power: beautiful breast, sweet lip and skin, wonderfull hair,...
When I don't reach orgasm, I have nothing to envy to these women.

I'm more like men

Sorry to answer late.

Yes, after reading a lot of post on you site, I have the impression my symptoms are more similar to those men have after ejaculation.
It's been 2 months I didn't have an orgasm. And it's easy for me now to avoid it, as I'm single. I only had sex once since my breakup. And I feel more self-assured, more sensual, more happy than ever.
I definitly choose to take that spiritual path alone. Good luck to all of you.

The trick

is to find the "middle path," where you can join with a partner (so you get all the benefits of intimacy and affectionate touch and [karezza] intercourse) and still get the benefits that yogis and others have discovered.

For a long time, humanity has been jumping back and forth between pursuit of sexual gratification and "spiritual" celibacy. But my guess is that, for most of us, the middle way offers a better balance than either of those.