How orgasms short my ability to listen with emotional intelligence + the number of days in my "cycle"

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This is a sprawl note that I made in my cell phone after a realization about orgasms and their influence on worsening emotional exchanges between my partner and I.

I figured out why orgasm makes me less functional in my emotions and not able to communicate as well ... Basically when I read or hear sentences from someone speaking, I am less able to contain full ideas or concepts in my head as someone speaks to me, so rather I attach to important individual words in order to try and understand the person, and as a result I end up often not grasping the integral meaning of what someone is telling me and I end up misinterpreting what someone is saying.  This adds more emotional reactions to my mental framework that I have a hard time sorting through myself as I also cannot grasp full intricate or complex concepts in my own mind and will get caught on a few words or feelings.  I wonder if orgasms or overdosing on dopamine, serotonin or oxytocin have to do with shortages in the OCD circuit loop... need to look up Daniel Amen stuff..,

( BTW Marnia. Have you ever heard of or looked into the work of Daniel Amen, by chance? He's a brain scanner. He might have some pretty general or pop stuff in comparison to direct studies, but i'll have to look again and see if anything he says relates to hormone cycles or bonding that we don't already know )

I also figured out that my cycle is about 11-13 days, however I figured this out because I had a night orgasm.. I wonder if that came about from a swing in my cycle. If not, i'll just have to wait again and see if I have an emotional shift in 11-13 days again or if I really feel in the clear much later. I was starting to feel more level headed at day 10 but only starting I felt.... I have a feeling my cycle is much longer, maybe 20 days or something. Shrug.

Also, I see my partner in about 3 weeks! It will have been 2.5 months, so i'm hoping to stay o free until then. I want my emotional state clear and sound to see him.


There is indeed a lot to learn

about this cycle, and its range of effects. It's good to observe yourself carefully, just as you are. Because once you have a sense of the issues, and can explain to a partner what's going on, it can really help you both assign the "blame" to biology and not each other.

I hope you have a wonderful, carefree time with your partner. Kiss 3