Day Two

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I relapsed at day 21 and felt terrible about myself. I felt great during those 21 days.
Here I am at day 2 again. I have decided to go PMO free for at least 120 days.

My story is just so stereotypical and I don't see the need to tell the whole story. Just to be short, I have had ED and have been PMO-ing for almost a decade (started when I was 19). PM became a daily routine for me, and had huge adverse effects on my social life, personality, and physical and psychological health.

I have decided to take my life back. PM, you go to hell!!!



Thanks, Marnia. Not sure if you have written it somewhere, but do you have any advice on how to start a relationship, how to meet the opposite sex, how to grow a relationship, etc. I think for a lot of guys on this site dating is just as serious as quiting porn.