Woke up this morning...

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And that should be enough to make me happy!

But, I noticed that I had a wet dream during the night. It is not so frustrating as the rash is doing really well, even if a little irritated by the ejaculation. I suppose it is really telling of something deeper.

My night before bed was spent looking at porn. And it was a small cycle of constant link-following as I was "doing another task." Maybe that task was just a self-deception to get me to the computer. Perhaps I was searching for that reaction in my body and brain. Either way, I didn't do yoga that day. At least I got a decent night's sleep =).

That's about it. I guess technically I am starting over. Tomorrow morning is my first day with no orgasm, although I am not sure I can directly associate this one to porn...


Will do my best

It is mainly the lows when I search for a boost that give me a problem. Or, sometimes I fall into a trap (like on Tumblr) where I just start clicking away. Definitely need to restructure my habits! Thanks again Marnia. It is great to be on here!

Yeah, I was amazed

to learn that most addicts don't use for the high. They use to try to ease the pain of withdrawal.

That shows you how your brain has changed, and that a bit of withdrawal lies between you and balance. Are you exercising? Time in nature? Socializing? Meditating? Lots of ideas for easing the discomfort here ♦Solo Tools