Slate Article: The Case Against Cuddling

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From the comments of this slate article: , it seems like people are really eager for some justification to escape sleeping together.

That's despite a pretty good expert quote within the article on the benefits of sleeping together:

“In our culture, sharing a bed is a sign of intimacy, and it could also be a barometer of the health of the relationship,” sleep expert Dr. Anne D. Bartolucci told me when I called her for backup. “Falling asleep in the company of another person puts you in a very vulnerable position, and it shows a certain amount of trust. There’s a reason that ‘sleeping with’ someone is one of our expressions for sex. Also, it’s a bonding experience, and it’s been shown that couples who share a bed communicate better and experience other benefits like increased levels of oxytocin, which can reduce inflammation.”

The author dismisses that by saying she doesn't have inflammation. I'm thankful that we have access to such valuable information on here.


put yourself where your heart is

Stephen Pressfield (author of The War of Art, among other things) said on a recent podcast: "Put your ass where your heart is."

He meant, mostly, that if you love to paint, put yourself in front of the easel.

Also funny and true applied to our relationships: get your ass into bed next to your love!