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Relapsed after 9 months. Posting for accountability

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Well nothing to say other than I slipped after 9 months. This is a long-term battle, I'm sure.

Trigger was I stayed up later than I should have (on a work night) and fatigue impacts my better judgment.

I found posting here helps me stay away from PMO even if it's a short post like this one.

NO MORE PMO. Thanks everyone

5 months no PMO. Losing erections during sex

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Quitting PMO was one of the best things to happen to me. It felt like my life did a 180; I felt happier, with direction. I met a great woman who I've been dating for almost four months now.

The one thing about her is she turns me on like I wouldn't believe. Any issues I had before with not even being able to get it up for a woman do not happen with her. I am excited very often when I am with her and she is always wet for me as well.

A potential trigger coming up

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Things have been quite positive lately, seeing a lot of my girl; the sex has been good, not perfect but the progress I've made in the last half year or so fills me with quite the sense of accomplishment.

One thing I will have attributed to my success away from PMO is the fact that I've been healthy. That is, I have not had any colds/flu etc. Problem is I always get sick with a season change. Mostly in September and the beginning of winter. I have had this pattern of illness for my entire life.

Small Personal Victory

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Hi All, I have not posted in a while but there is good reason as to why.

I have hit a personal record, I believe I have been PMO free for about 4 months now. More importantly, I've met someone special in my life and we are enjoying our time together, it has been nearly 3 months.

Libido Killer?

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Just a few updates since last week:

I went out on a date with my girlfriend and we had a wonderful time, and ended up back at my place. She and I masturbated my penis at the same time and I O'd for the first time since we met, and I did not experience any chaser at all. I felt a little flatlined the next 2 days or so.

I did see her again yesterday, and was very turned on by her but did not attempt any sex of any sort.

Disappointment once again

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Well, despite some of the best progress I'd felt I made at any point in my life,

I was unable to keep my erection after the condom went on and a few pumps of penetration.

I had a very firm erection for most of the evening, and was very firm leading up until putting on the condom. Although i didn't feel like i was close to orgasm during oral or handjob.

At this point I am not very hopeful for the next time, and although I made my girlfriend orgasm many times through oral sex, I don't want to let her down.

Driving in the dark... where the hell am I

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Disclaimer, I'm probably the happiest I've been in years. I admit my title was a little doom and gloom, but
I want to know where I'm at is all... My first reboot of about 120 days, it wasn't perfect. I MO'd maybe 3-4 times. I had a rough patch of a few months where i'd MO once every week or two, with about 5 or 6 PMO binges in between.

I've since been a month without PMO, but still touching myself rather often, MO maybe 2-3 times a month. The numbers and keeping track are such a bother I stopped really counting.

A perspective I hadn't considered

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I did a quick calculation, and it has been 281 days since I decided to go on a reboot.

My first reboot was about 100 days, and I've been on and off for the remainder.

If I had to make an educated guess, I think I have probably PMO'd around 16-20 times, MO'd without P maybe 50 times?

At first I was startled by the numbers, but when I consider all things, compared to say a year prior, if I had to count the number of PMO's it would have been something like 500-600 times in the same 281 day span.

Can't recall faces?

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I've had this problem for some time, which I find bewildering.

Any time that I "like a girl", have a crush on, am in love with, etc. I cannot remember her face very clearly. I can spend hours with her, but once we part ways, I can't remember what she looks like in detail.

I am dating this girl at the moment, and despite finding her very attractive, I have difficulty recalling her face from memory. I will admit I spend a lot of time staring at girls' eyes, but I'm not sure if that is it.

Does anyone know what this phenomenon is? Or am I just nuts