A perspective I hadn't considered

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I did a quick calculation, and it has been 281 days since I decided to go on a reboot.

My first reboot was about 100 days, and I've been on and off for the remainder.

If I had to make an educated guess, I think I have probably PMO'd around 16-20 times, MO'd without P maybe 50 times?

At first I was startled by the numbers, but when I consider all things, compared to say a year prior, if I had to count the number of PMO's it would have been something like 500-600 times in the same 281 day span.

Nobody is perfect, but I have significantly cut back on the number of PMO's and that is an accomplishment in itself.

I am not going to dispute whether or not a longer, uninterrupted string of days without PMO would have been much better, it does not necessarily mean all your hard work has gone to waste.

My desire for P right now is very very low and I am pleased with that. After I MO, I am not feeling any chaser effect, and I think the decrease of O's in general has helped with that.

Keep moving forward guys!