A potential trigger coming up

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Things have been quite positive lately, seeing a lot of my girl; the sex has been good, not perfect but the progress I've made in the last half year or so fills me with quite the sense of accomplishment.

One thing I will have attributed to my success away from PMO is the fact that I've been healthy. That is, I have not had any colds/flu etc. Problem is I always get sick with a season change. Mostly in September and the beginning of winter. I have had this pattern of illness for my entire life.

Here is where my dilemma is: Whenever I get sick, I have always had this uncontrollable urge to "self-medicate" with PMO. It makes sense: I can't do the things that I enjoy (Sports, hanging out with friends, going to work, etc.) I'm stuck at home, unable to sleep, feeling absolutely horrible. The only thing that would make me feel better would be PMO.

With only a week or so until september rolls around, it feels like I am bracing for an upcoming storm. I don't have any major urges these days to PMO, since I've been over 120 days now; but I haven't had to deal with a cold/flu/illness in that time either. This should prove to be one of my biggest major tests yet


Knowing your triggers is very wise

Emerson often tells guys to plan in advance for such challenges. "If I get sick and feel The Urge, I am going to do X instead." Maybe make a list now of other activities you can do. Suggestions here: ♦Solo Tools

It's easier to do a replacement activity than to not do an addictive activity. In other words, don't just try to "white knuckle" your way through the cravings. Make a plan and execute it.

Eventually, you may be able to masturbate without relapsing into porn. But know that for many masturbation itself is a big trigger at first...and often it makes the cravings worse over the next few days. So while you're rebooting, cold water is actually a better solution. See Cold water technique

Made it

I got over my illness, it only lasted a few days and I kept myself busy with work (I know it sounds crazy to go in on the weekends and evenings to the office, especially while sick) but it helped me get over my cold. I don't recommend it, but at the end of it, no PMO cravings whatsoever, and got a little work done too!