Day 7 Reboot, Day 2 info and thank yous

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Today has been pretty good. I had to grit my teeth this morning before heading out, but I try and make a note of mentally patting myself on the back for self control. As mentioned on YBOP just using the stick of negativity isn't going to build myself up. The main benefit of self control is I can apply it to other situations.

Most of the day was fine as I went out and visited a friend and then help another out with things around their house. It was good to be in their company.

Back home now and on my own again. Had a hankering for a session, but that passed once I started catching up here.

Day 2 was rough, I had a bad asthma attack last year the first for maybe a decade. I had an over-breathing attack, imagine a panic attack for asthma suffers which is really a phatom-attack. I nearly passed out. In actuality when I saw the doctor I had high oxygen levels, higher than his and my blood pressure was normal/good. He explained that it is common thing that can affect asthma suffers or ex-suffers. No doubt the anxiety and stress of the early days of the reboot, got me on this negative thought process.

However there are some good take aways, my blood pressure is confirmed to be good. When you consider I am not sporty, have a sedate office job and get stressed very easily that's pretty good. Secondly they tested my lung capacity and that also is good.

Anyone else on the a reboot, if you are having a hard day please try and look for silver lining, if only that you have the guts to do the reboot and work for better you.

Thank you to Marnia and Batman for their kind and informative comments on my first post. It hasn't been easy baring some of the truths and demons sit on my shoulders, warm welcomes like that mean a lot.