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I was wondering, i know their are alot of studies about prolactin and its effects on the body. However is their any study that states just how much prolactin is lowered after a single orgasm. I have learned to control my MB, that isn't a problem, but eventually with a partner i figure i'm going to possibly eventually have orgasm's again. I know everyone is different, but i just am hoping that bringing my body back into balance won't get thrown all out of whack by the occational ejaculation.

Also a follow up question on that, as i was just wondering, when we go off on a binge, maybe MB 8-10 times in a 2 day period, does that lower blood prolactin levels even more. I know a single ejaculation can, but i figure binging would have an even more profound effect because your lowering prolactin levels alot within a short duration of time. Thus possibly leaving them at a low point until such time as they start coming back. It's just a theory, just wanted to know if it had any relevance.

Also i don't really understand something, when we have sex with someone were close to as opposed to MB, 400 percent more prolactin is released it is said. Can't this have a negative effect? I saw one person suggest that because we are close to someone, oxytocin can help alleviate the symptoms of prolactin after sex. As opposed to MB.

goes up?

I think prolactin goes UP after an orgasm...not down. The site has some great information on prolactin. I personally feel I have secreted too much of it.

You're right to find it confusing

Prolactin surges after orgasm, and probably helps keep dopamine low. No one knows if prolactin is a factor in the longer effects of orgasm (although it surges for 15 days in female rats). Certainly prolactin is not the whole story of the post-O hangover. In fact, the latest research that intrigues us suggests that depleted dopamine receptors may be a bigger factor in many post-stimulation "hangovers." See Prolactin may, or may not, be related to that.

In any case, the more stimulation the more likely the pleasure response of the brain is numbed, and the lower the D2 receptors for a while after cessation. For example, the strongest effects were seen in rats with unlimited access to stimulation.

Prolactin release is greater with a partner, but other things are also happening with affectionate exchange. Together they can produce feelings of satisfaction (" itch is scratched.") Prolactin without those other things, in lesser amounts, leaves you rearing to go so after orgasm, and if your pleasure response is also numbed, you're set for binging...just as nature intended.

Wish we knew more. For now, your best bet is careful observation.

So in a way.....

Can intercourse with a partner be considered good prolactin? As long as one doesn't tend to overdo it. The fact that your more satisfied, and you feel closer to someone, all those feelings come into play. Instead of the emptiness of porn, and the desire to go back to it time and time again.

That's one way to look at it

and there's probably a lot to that idea. However, some people seem to notice some subtle shifts even with regular sex and lots of affection. In that case, less is more.

Don't fret. You'll figure it out with your mate.

Definitely goes up

My understanding is that Prolactin surges at the point of orgasm and the instantaneous shift in effective neurotransmitters is what causes the intense spike of pleasure and release followed rapidly by the loss of the pleasurable effects of Dopamine. This "shut down" mechanism is designed into the male of the species to get us to stop after the semen is released. If it wasn't most of us men would never stop pleasuring ourselves. For me the negative effects of ejaculatory orgasm hit very hard - be it caused by Prolactin or other as yet unidentified factors as Marnia describes - so I just don't do it any more. The loss of energy and depressive state post ejaculation are not worth it.