Playing at 80% versus the edge

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In another post I made reference to the fact that my wife and I go for elevated endorphins and she is still (very) orgasmic where I push the envelope as much as possible without actually having an orgasm myself.

I asked others about how far up the arousal scale they allow themselves to go during Karrezza(etc.) and received some very enlightening feedback from Wildflower/Darryl, Marnia, and Hotspring (as well as others - many thanks.) After thinking about this I don't think that what I am doing is much different than others here as I only go for the edge and the "Tantric Waves of Bliss" experience around three times a month.

I have found that in order for them to occur you have to be at a certain state of physical/mental "readiness" and if you go for them too often they are just not as special or you flat out can't get to the "happy place" where they occur. Having said that I believe that for the most part I am "operating" at or near the 80% on our indeterminate arousal scale that others have talked about here.

For me this is a great place to be for you are far enough up the arousal scale for the experience to be very, very pleasurable with no danger of "bursting the balloon" and losing the energy via orgasm.

My thinking around this as a man with a (very) sexually demanding wife (no I am not complaining here [bigsmile]) is that operating in this place enables me to hang with her in the bedroom and be able to provide whatever "services" are required and the increased "play" time allows me more enjoyment than I would ever get from short duration "burst" pattern male orgasm.

I am thinking that it goes much deeper than this however - because I never reach the satiation point by going over into orgasm my effective dopamine receptiveness and sensitivity remains at maximum and my "perception" is that even at the 80% point the "pleasure" that I "feel" is as great or greater than when I had regular ejaculatory orgasms. And the experience can last as long as I (we) want it too.

It would seem to me that the Karrezza experience where both the man and the woman were operating at 80% (with maximum dopamine sensitivity and receptivity) would be incredibly pleasurable and last as long as you want it to. How do you practitioners (anyone else with thoughts on this please weigh in as well) compare the "pleasure" at 80% versus the edge/orgasm and do you believe that avoiding satiation/orgasm increases dopamine sensitivity and receptiveness to the point that you "perceive" there is just more pleasure involved than when you had orgasms? [bigsmile]


First, thanks for starting a new thread. Smile

Second, I think everyone has to find their own "temperature." And, honestly, there's something different about the dynamic when both partners aren't "going for it." Maybe the pleasure arises from a slightly different mix of neurochemicals, which may make this question a sort of "apples and oranges" question.

Great food for thought.