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Looking at my experience with porn, i find it hard to believe that sex is as enjoyable as people make it out to be. Having hangovers and all, its just to physically and phsycologically exhaustive.Or is it that P-M-O is quite a different experience. I am thinking if porn can have such an effect,wouldn't it be unwise to engage in sexual relations in the future.

But i have always believed that an addiction to porn is tied to a need for sex and more recently, the need to have something hapening in your life, avoiding loneliness or a measure of how much of a man you are. It can be really frustrating seeing that everyone around you see things in a different way, or seem to. Friends brag about their sexual excapades and all you get to do is laugh about it and wonder and more porn.

I used to think celibacy was good. But as it stands, there is no point to it. I don't think sex can do what porn has done over the years of being addicted to it. Abstaining from porn does increase the desire for sex and contact and is almost impossible to not act out as porn derives its strength from stiffling sexual expression, which if not managed properly can result in a cycle.

Sounds like you have some deep thoughts

about these subjects. Feel free to start a blog, if you like.

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