Masturbation doesnt feel good anymore

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I started masturbating about the age of 7, way before i even knew what it was. I use to just enjoy the feeling and kept doing it. I grew up in a violent family and was very stressed all through my childhood so i think i used this as a relief. Im 21 now. I can get an erection but masturbation just doesnt feel good; it feels forced. I even taught i was gay. I spent years avoiding gay porn because it turned me on and i didnt want to escalate it. That gave me a lot of anxiety. However for the past month i said screw it and start watching gay/ tranny porn and it was good at first but then i realised i dont really like this and thats not turning me on anymore either. I also use to also get turned on by the taught of being a woman, actually i wanted to be a female when i was younger but that has grown out of me and its also no longer a turn on.

I masturbate everyday just to ejaculate even though like i said it doesnt feel good. There kinda feels like something in my mind is blocking me from actually enjoying masturbating to nude women. I went for about a week before not masturbating and it was great, just the sight of a woman would turn me on. It was unusual because i could actually feel attraction or the aura of a woman a lot better.

Anyway, just wanted to get this out there. Im going to start right now abstaining, wish me luck!


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I wasn't enjoying sex and couldn't maintain erections. I abstained from porn and masturbation for 2 weeks and then it was amazing.

Right now I'm 20 days porn free and can masturbate to fantasies and even pictures, something I couldn't do before.

I was heavily into tranny/shemale porn. It turned me on very much but right now my desire for having a healthy sex life is much greater than my desire for watching porn, so I've been able to stay away from it.

I think it's way better to have positive motivation (e.g. desire for enjoying masturbation and sex) instead of negative motivation (e.g. gay/tranny porn is gross and bad).

When your motivation is moving away from gay porn, all you will think about is, well, gay porn. You will not be able to remove gay porn from your mind that way. Also, this will make it more exciting to watch gay porn because it is "bad".

~ The Underdog

Glad you're

starting to experiment, Thoreau. Start a blog if you like. Your experience is normal and probably has to do with a (temporarily) numbed pleasure response in the brain from too much over-stimulation. Could happen to anyone. Wink