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First of all, Thanks for this really great site that helped me (and still does) through my struggle. I'm a 17 year old. I've been addicted since two years now. I've been trying to stop ever since i realized i was so addicted to it. But at first it was just so hard i couldn't stop for couple hours. But as i continued i was able to cut back to once every day and soon it became much easier to cut back for couple days. Now i am able to cut back for a week. That's when i just keep getting serious withdrawal symptoms http://www.reuniting.info/withdrawal_symptoms_porn_recovery almost every symptom stated there is the same i am having. But most unbearable symptoms are (mood swings,trembling,headache and insomnia) once they get really extreme i would just go to my (instant) cure and just repeat the cycle. I noticed that having proper diet dramatically effects the withdrawal symptoms, i used multi-vitamin pills for a week and during it the withdrawal symptoms were much bearable. But i just start to crack after the 1 week. I also exercise which helps too/ I am already motivated to stop, I don't even look at porn anymore, I orgasm without looking at porn which helps ALOT but withdrawal symptoms are just so hard to overcome, Please share any other ways to ease the withdrawal symptoms other than having a balanced diet and exercising.


Wow! That's excellent progress

Congratulations. Really! You've done a great job turning a very tough corner. Give yourself a round of applause.

You're only 17. What about accepting that once a week is what represents balance for you right now? If you can avoid escalation, you're doing just fine! Smile

Of course, continue to avoid porn when you masturbate...and put your energy into finding a sweetheart. Wink I think you may also notice that the symptoms continue to ease as your brain comes back into balance with the diet and exercise.

There are other activities that help. Have you tried daily meditation? Hypnosis? Time in nature? friendly interaction with others? Throwing yourself into a creative project? Volunteering time to help someone else? Singing? Tango lessons? All these things help with brain balance. Check out the porn wiki entries if you haven't: http://www.reuniting.info/wiki#porn

I've enabled you to blog, so you can keep us informed.

Thanks for your response

Yea, once a week does help a lot. I actually start feeling the progress on day 4. Also, i did notice that the symptoms continue to ease as i move forward with abstaining. guess the past year's work paid off after all.
I'll keep track of my progress by blogging each day.

Thanks again