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Does anyone have tips, book suggestions, etc. for remaining in control when tired? I've noticed that when I'm exhausted it can be a lot harder to fight any mind games.


Obviously one option. Easier

Obviously one option. Easier said then done when one is overtired and overstimulated (not the sexual kind).

The only thing your post makes me think of is that I should just go to sleep when I get home. Then I don't have to deal with that slippery slope time period and will be better rested which is an added benefit.

Still there will be those times. There must be a solution short of rest. Some trick of the mind. I can't be the only one with this issue.

Meditation helps me...

Sitting still and contemplating something important to you can help. Remaining focussed on that one point, not fighting it, not trying to "solve" it as such, just accepting and contemplating it without attachment... not letting it generate an emotional response. Making the mind focus on breathing, the beating of your heart... or picking just one thing to focus on at a time and keeping your mind fixed on that one thing can bring great relaxation. Enjoying the moment in its intricate detail, getting a true grip on the reality of the present rather that allowing the mind to wander into the past or the future. If you do this for just a few minutes it can often feel as refreshing as sleep. There are plenty of websites on meditation techniques that will give you some pointers.

You have to let go of attachment to things that cause you to worry or get stressed. If you don't these things can wreck your life and drain your energy.

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Meditation Audio book

A fun, easy introduction to meditation is this short (2 hour) audio book that I was able to download from my public library's account on Overdrive:

The Beginners Guide to Meditation by Joan Borysenko.

I had checked out others, but none made getting started as easy and fun (light hearted) as she did.


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