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It has been a while since I've managed to get past two weeks without orgasm. I read about others feeling bursts of energy when abstaining. I don't recall that happening, but I was under a lot of stress last time around. I'm thinking of using the goal of not feeling tired as a more positive goal than avoiding orgasm as a way to get myself back on track. I also like this goal because this goal is more within my control than say finding a partner where I cannot fully control success. To support my goal, I'm looking for some more info on the energy gain, the process, etc. Some also speak of diminishing returns. Is there any connection to porn or is it simply a result of not orgasming? It's helpful to know to get a sense of what might set me back and if the set back has varying degrees (like brain re-balancing).


Thanks. I identify with many

Thanks. I identify with many of those reports. I have experienced many of those positives and share similar emotions. I also identify with the struggle. It is a bit perplexing that we all struggle when the benefits are so clear. We gain almost nothing from solo orgasm. Yet, we are drawn in so easily. I ponder if everyone has this struggle or only some, what is missing from our lives that got us to this point, and how long it takes to come out the other side. It is interesting, but frustrating, time consuming, and sometimes painful to go through this transformation. At least we can come here.


there are lots of *powerful* reasons to orgasm, too. Wink

My thought is that if you can make the rest of your life more pleasurable (by unhooking from cravings caused by too much stimulation of the brain), it gets easier to resist "self-pleasuring." But that means you really have to cultivate connections with others...preferably others who don't care to remain in the self-pleasuring loop themselves. Not easy, but hopefully possible.