Will abstaining from masturbation mean i study better and become happier

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I have read on many places that people who have stopped this claim that it feels good stopping. However these people say that they still masturbate/watch porn ONCE A WHILE. I want to stop forever. Its done nothing but bad things to me and a life without sexually satisfiying yourself seems most relieving.
I am under 18 and i'm going to university soon. I want to know if stopping will increase my concentration/memory and make me study better? Is there scientific evidence for this?

Starting today, i'm not going to masturbate. Ever.

That might be just a bit too ambitious

Wink Here are my thoughts, but I hope the guys here will chime in.

That's an interesting question (about improved concentration). From listening to the men on the site, I'd say that masturbating too much can definitely interfere with concentration ability. And masturbating to extreme stimuli (pretty much ALL of today's Internet porn) is just as much of a problem because especially exciting stimuli, too, create imbalance in most(?) brains.

However, struggling to avoid masturbation entirely is not so easy to achieve today, and too much inner conflict is not good long-term. Probably if we were all brought up in a different (less sexually explicit) society, where we were taught solo practices by wise elders (See: http://www.reuniting.info/node/3299), we'd naturally find a balance. By balance, I mean some kind of masturbation schedule (while single) that doesn't escalate in frequency or need for more extreme material.

As it is, you'll have to work out what's right for you by experimentation. Just know that if you've been using Internet porn a lot (or even masturbating very frequently), it may be tough to cut back at first. So, some temporary "inner conflict" may be unavoidable - and during that time, abstaining itself will temporarily cause concentration problems, too. It takes time for your brain to find a new balance.

Most guys find it easier to reach a balance if they masturbate based on sensual touch, without porn or porn fantasies. (Less "heat" initially seems to mean less hangover and subsequent "hunger.")

When you have a partner, you'll probably find it a lot easier to find your balance for ejaculation frequency. Even before you find a partner, spending time around peers in friendly interaction can be very helpful in promoting balance. So are daily meditation and exercise.

Good luck. Let me know what you learn as you experiment. You're surely not the only guy wrestling with this important question, so your "findings" will be helpful to others.

Blog if you like!

It is what you do with your time

There are many theories about how sexual energy is wasted upon ejaculation, and that also the orgasm in both men and women is a waste of vital fluids. For example, if you masturbate 1,2 or 3 times a day, the body needs to take resources(chemicals, nutrients) in order to replenish what is lost. this means that other parts of your body, like your brain, will not get their proper nutrition and will become deficient. So if that is all true it would make sense that you would be less clear minded and more sluggish.

But even if it is not true that masturbation causes physiological deficiencies, think about what the actual act entails. Instead of doing something productive you are shutting yourself away for perhaps hours on end(searching through pornography). In this time it is all SEX SEX SEX on the mind, and then when you need to study, you have less time. Also, your subconscious is filled with lustful images you will be drawn back to. I went through college like that and it usually showed through in my work. Your subconscious is saturated in porn, day by day.

Since your subconscious is saturated and primed with porn, the papers you write and work you do will be superficial and sometimes is even filled with subtle, unconscious, sexual innuendos. A lot of "poets" and "artists" are like this. I will read their work and go "oh, he/she was just a masturbator"

Watch the diet also. The

Watch the diet also. The traditional sattvic diet is said to help with concentration, and also sexual frustration and/or excessive passions. Also "sattvic" types of activities.

Though don't overdo anything and see what works best. There's a school that believes all passion is wrong, which may be a misunderstanding because they probably have just seen negative aspects of passion, or negative passion. But it might also depend on the chosen definition of passion.

I suspect it is a problem of

I suspect it is a problem of definition. If you eschew all forms of passion (passion for the truth, passion for knowledge, passion for peace, etc) , you're being passionate about not being passionate.


Because life is not about who you were, it is about who you are becoming.


when i was 17 i went 6-8 months without m/p/o and it changed me. this was before i found this site. so i really didn't know the scientific evidence and benefits.

i got the best grades that year in high school. doing schoolwork is just more rewarding when your brain isnt just focused on the blast of dopamine orgasm gives you or lustful thoughts. my social magnetism also increased.

you begin to enjoy more subtle forms of pleasure like studying and getting an A.

plus you feel your best and have good sleeping patterns because your not always going through the withdrawal period.

so that's what I'm trying to get back to.