Finally a week

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I finally got to a week without PMO. The last time doing that was mid July. All those who are relapse focused should just stick with it and focus on the big picture. Try to learn from the process one way or the other. One thing I'm mentally experimenting with is looking beyond the need to use PMO. The analogy I can think of is one who craves protein, but fills up on potato chips instead of waiting a little longer for protein. When a PMO craving arises, try to think about what is behind it and what that trigger is really telling you. You may never know for sure, but that thought process seems to help weaken the trigger and highlights to yourself why you've opted for this path.

As for benefits, I think there are some even though I've been experimenting with this for a while. It will take more time to know for sure, but after about 5 days I began to have more mental clarity and less fatigue, but in fits and spurts. Maybe it is all placebo effect. I'm hoping it levels off around week 2. I've not had much withdrawal, but I didn't find it too bad initially either. I'm going for a least a month which I have done before so I know that I can get there. It still isn't easy fighting biology. It helps to focus on the positive benefits and not even think about what you are trying not to do (which is your brain tricking you).