K9 trial 2 - it had to go again

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Trial 1: I tried it for fun. It was a nuisance so I dumped it.
Trial 2: I gave it three weeks. It was too intrusive for my mobile lifestyle. It began acting up and randomly blocking all traffic with no way to override it. The only fix was an uninstall which required a reboot. That is a nuisance when I have open work. I think it might be ok for a home computer, but a laptop that has to connect all over seems to be too much for K9. I'm back to my own internal controls which is more or less where I was anyway because I knew the password.


haha, I know, k-9 can be a

haha, I know, k-9 can be a pain. It took me a while to adjust the settings right and it hasnt been without its embarrassing moments. My lab partner at school really needed to email something from my computer one day so I let her use it for a minute. She said in the lobby outside of class real loud "What the hell is all of this k-9 blocker stuff on here? I cant upload..." I was like fuck, please shut up "Oh, thats the spam blocker, its just temperamental". It reminded me of the feeling I had when I didnt cover my tracks with the porn use when people would use my computer. Anxiety... On the other hand, it has kept me out of a lot of trouble. I cant even remove it because some internet guy who I dont even hardly talk to is holding my password.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

I'm going to try it again on

I'm going to try it again on my own. It didn't help the way I thought it would anyway. I could always go around it, but generally did not. It mostly was just a nuisance. I don't like the idea of the blocker if I don't absolutely need it. I want my brain working on this by itself.

K9 changes the Google search results. "reuniting" brings this site up as the first result, but not with K9 running. I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining things. Another example is "reuniting.info" which brings up this site as the first result. With K9 you get www.reuniting.info/science as the first link.

Yes, it will try to omit

Yes, it will try to omit certain keywords from the search while you have it on certain settings. You can even have it filter anything with "drugs", or "alternative lifestyles" if you set it to that.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

The K9 seems to work okay,

The K9 seems to work okay, though for some things it blocks them to the point that I can't use them. Sadly, the only case of this is an old embedded JAVA game, so I guess I'll have to do without. :)