Do you like porn?

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I find it interesting when people say that they don't like porn.

Personally I don't have any moral issues with porn and I actually like it a lot. The women in porn are gorgeous and the pleasure I get from watching them is great.

What I do hate are the side effects of porn, which we all know about. But if porn had no side effects I would probably watch it everyday with no problem.

So I'm curious, do you guys like porn? Or do you feel disgusted by it?

No, I do not like porn but

No, I do not like porn but am times drawn to it...sucked in to it. For the few moments I've gone back to it, it is exciting, and later it repulses me.

I've been interested in porn for nealy 40 years, and what is commonplace porn is quite different than what I started with. What was once satisfactory soft-porn has now become much more intense in recent years. Imagine the old sculputres in the late 1800's as being considered unappropriate back then, the modern society considers nothing much now, and future generations??? There is a beauty in sexuality and the nude form, but it is now taken to the extreme and beyond.

Each generation tries to outdo the other, but in the area of sexuality, REALLY? the past, the present, and see what has given us the most satisfaction.

Modern sexuality does not provide the bliss that humans were intended to experience, IMO.

Yes and no, but on the whole

Yes and no, but on the whole no. Sometimes I like it in that I find some of the girls and situations sexy and attractive and I have this craving that needs to be satisfied. But most of the time I have to be in the mood for this. I generally don't like porn and find it debasing both to women and to myself. I don't like the fact that I have to resort to porn to pass the time when I'm feeling empty or bored, or when I'm suffering from extreme insomnia and need some way to get to sleep (accompanied by masturbating). Porn has a draining and numbing effect on my body and on my brain, even without masturbating. It can often feel like there is a dark cloud above me whenever I view it, and it only lifts when I've shut down the porn and gotten away from such material. I end up feeling more empty than before after having viewed porn, although sometimes this isn't always the case if I've become so deadened to the situation. On the whole, I hate porn but seem to be compelled to keep returning against my will.

Porn makes humilation and sexual violence the norm.

The free and unlimited online pornography industry has been a large contributor to a sexually jaded (and emotionally damaged) generation of men and women who have never learned how to have a genuine, supportive and *lasting* relationship with the opposite sex. More than that, porn has been described as a form of terrorist propaganda against women, insofar as it depicts men celebrating the sexual dehumanization of women with impunity and educates men and boys to the only thing women are "good for."

Other people's mom's? No problem. They are now "Milf's." Married women? All the better to get off to. Depictions of sexual abuse and exploitation of children? Simply another "barely legal" way to rake in huge profits or if you are not a big shot pornographer, a short term cheap thrill or worse a long term addiction. To my friends out there who acknowledge they have a problem with online porn addiction but still want to view porn as just harmless sexual fantasy, try this experiment. Examine your emotional reaction to someone else thinking of (or better) actually performing sex acts that we've seen in these videos with *our mom* (or wife or sister or cousin). If a man has no qualms with the sexual dehumanization of his own family member then he has gone further down the path of becoming a pimp or wife beater himself than he may care to admit. Porn is a passive educator but everyone is affected by the lesson it teaches.

Prostitution, paying someone to perform a sexual act, is nominally illegal in most states but pornography - paying someone to perform a sex act *on film* is legal. An awful lot of pockets were greased with pimp cash to make this legal compromise under the supposedly liberal cover of "sexual liberation" or the righteous sounding fight against "censorship." If the filming (*for PROFIT*) hard core sexual violation of women's bodily integrity that leave a woman or girl bruised, torn and subjected to abhorrent degradation and humiliation should not be censored, what does that say about the kind of society we live in?

The results of unlimited porn have been disastrous for women in general: witness the increase in demand for painful and sadistic sex acts that include humiliations that very few *men* would consent to. In real life how many men would ever let anyone give *him* a "cumshot?" I suspect very few of the heterosexual wanking public would allow it. Why then should a man expect a woman's reaction to be any different from our own? In the absence of porn this argument would be completely redundant and unnecessary. How many men in relationships with real women right now have a secret sexual outlet in porn? What are the untold costs to maintaining a healthy relationship that pornography has played a role in? Could it be our own relationships or the relationships of people we are close to could have been radically different if we didn't live in the 24/7 porn universe?

Porn has also been harmful to men. Evidence for this are the numerous threads started here by men from all over the world who have recounted how many of their early sexual experiences were informed by old fashioned misogyny of porn and then progressed to a life long addiction. Erectile dysfunction, crippling self esteem issues, extreme feelings isolation and feelings of alienation from women are all typical side effects of a regular decades long porn habit. The younger the user is when he or she starts the more impact it will have. These are just a few of the detrimental effects of pornography on men not least of which is numbing effect on our own values. Indeed, we have been habituated to so many shocking sexual acts, was any one surprised (or as outraged as they should be) by the pictures of horrific sexual abuses of prisoners of the infamous Abu Garaib prison in Iraq?

It is not an overstatement to say that pornography has played a very significant role in the failure of modern men and women to connect to each other in a deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting way. The sexual establishment has just cheered it along and only very rarely do "sex coaches," "gurus" or "sex therapists" advocate anything other than using *more* porn and not less. The results have been a wholesale cheapening callousness towards towards sex, millions of divorces and broken families, loneliness and the peculiar despair we moderns face that there could be *any* redemption in a relationship with the opposite sex.


If you have a moment, I wish you would post this on the Good Men Project article I wrote. Make it clear that you are a man please.

@darksim Not sure if you are up for this experiment, but insomnia is a MAJOR withdrawal symptom (for many) as the brain returns to balance after heavy porn use. That is, it may not be a separate, unrelated problem that porn "cures." Just as taking a drink in the morning "cures" some alcoholics' shakes after too much alcohol the night before, porn just covers up the dysregulation of the brain temporarily (enough to get you to sleep)...while actually deepening the underlying dysregulation. You'd probably notice big improvement after a few weeks...but they will be tough weeks, so pick the right time if you want to make this test.

I'd be up for the

I'd be up for the experiment. I've actually always suffered from insomnia though, even before the age of the internet when I didn't view porn but occasionally masturbated to fantasy. Even when I haven't used porn heavily in previous years I've always had trouble sleeping, as have most of my family, so it could be a genetic thing. So I guess what I'm saying is that yes, I'd be up for the experiment and would just have to find other healthier things to occupy my time or mind when I can't sleep. I don't know if the insomnia would improve though.

I did find on occasion that even after having masturbated to porn (specifically for the reason to put me to sleep) I still couldn't get to sleep even though my body felt tired. I felt too highly strung and almost had excess nervous energy, so masturbating and orgasming just put my body under more stress and defeated the whole purpose of masturbating in the first place. So that's something for people to consider when they think that masturbating can be a tranquilizer.

I what I watch

I don't watch something that I do not enjoy. By this I mean normal porn, guy and a girl, maybe a threesome, but nothing even close to the definition of extreme pornography. I don't enjoy how such porn takes over your brain and unconsciously associates it the solution to about every problem you may have in life. Over the years I have not noticed an evolution to extreme forms of pornographic content. I'm a conservative person sexual and don't watch something I wouldn't do in real life. Anyway, just my two cents.