Understanding cravings

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I've begun to notice that I can understand my cravings better. I'm trying to train my mind to recognize the early signals and try to parse the meaning. Not all cravings are the same. Different things trigger them. It could be loneliness, stress, etc. Each craving wants the neurochemical meds but the root need is different. Contrary to what one might think, my cravings are rarely related to horniness. I then try to channel that energy by either thinking to myself what I am doing, can be doing, or can't do at the moment to address that underlying need. Somehow, the craving then disappears at least for a little while. It is a mental game, but it seems to help for now.


Learning to

sense those needs is an excellent exercise. Gets you in touch with your feelings, and out of the habit of self-medicating. and often you *can* come up with a way to address them constructively.

It is a lot harder to fix

It is a lot harder to fix these issues than medicate, but at least I can chip away at them. I think over time that will make the desire for medicating less. I am finding I want to give love more because I have some feeling that others either are or need some healthier form of medication. There is no outlet yet, but the motivation is growing for now.