Should I start at 0 again?

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Today should be day 25. However, 2 days ago while in the shower I changed the shower head to pulse hard on my private area.

This has never happened before but for the first time ever I orgasmed without my hands and without thinking of porn.

Should I consider this a failure and start a day 0 or is this different than PMO?

Can I get feedback please?

Keep going

and just notice what you notice. See if the urge to binge crops up over the next couple of days. If not, then you're back in balance.

Keep us posted.

keep up the good work

This happens to me. I can routinely make it to about one month, then SOME sort of unplanned orgasm occurs. No doubt your 25 days has benefitted you greatly. Alas, though, the counter must go back to zero.

Please makde distinct how many days you are counting vs the benefit......