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It works very, very well! A tad bit challenging to get the "magic wand" inside, but fun and funny to try it!

We found the penis has the same magnetic, electrical, wonderful properties whether it is soft or hard~~amazing!

We tried this technique at the end of a particularly long, tiring day (where we had already spent two hours or so in the morning having karezza/tantra intercourse--beautiful, snake-like erection with no orgasm) and so his penis was done for the day...or so we thought!

Anyway, it's a lovely thing to try and really removes any excuses for "getting together" and getting closer.

Both of us enjoyed the feeling immensely. Very relaxing and it also felt really, really good.

Another topic I would like to bring up is what Diana Richardson calls "amrita," which is a name she uses for the slippery juiciness that comes from this style of lovemaking. I googled that word and don't come up with anything? We were wondering if it is a combination of his pre-cum mixed with my contributions? All I know is it just keeps flowing and no matter how long we are joined together, it never goes away. The texture is different than what I am used to, as well. It almost feels like silicone lubrication, but better.

So again, thank you Marnia for sharing the Richardsons' books with us! Learning more and more every day!



Thank you

for sharing the second one with me! Have you written a review on Amazon? I'm sure they'd appreciate it. It's on my list of things to do.

I'm still in the process of

I'm still in the process of reading these books, and my partner hasn't read them, yet, though I'm hopeful he will. (He hasn't read CPA, either.) My partner's not a reader, unless it's a hardcore technical manual. ("Defensive Database Programming" is that's on the coffee table.) Is your partner a reader, so that you didn't have to coax him to read the books?

I can't wrap my brain around the 'snake like' erection concept. Obviously, you're not seeing it with your eyes that way, but are feeling or perceiving it that way. Did it take a lot of sessions before you felt it? I assume I would have noticed it if it was happening. Sounds kind of creepy. :O

We wonder what all that juice is, too, but are glad it's there. Another thing that we've noticed is the kidney stimulation/diuretic effect. At first, I thought it was a fluke, but it's happening every time we manage to have an hour or 2 to spend. (If we just connect for 10 minutes or so, it doesn't do this.) Kidneys=chi, so I assume we're like power plants, doing nothing but generating clean pure energy!


Hi Quizure~ I gave him the

Hi Quizure~

I gave him the book for men and he is reading it, but mostly, I read *to* him the parts I enjoy the most (and give recaps, lol).

As for the snake-like erection, yes, it is something you can actually see. His penis can look like it is fully erect, yet you can actually bend it--it becomes something like a flexible dildo, if you know what I mean. Neither of us have ever experienced this before. He says that when he is inside me, he can feel his penis literally conform to the contours of my vagina.

Interesting about the kidneys and chi--something else I need to read about! For me, it started when I learned to relax my pelvic floor~~it can start the minute I see him and am conscious of being relaxed down there. When I do that, I can actually feel a magnetic pull from his genitals toward me, even when we are clothed.


That might just work - I'll

That might just work - I'll read some to him, and then he'll probably ask to see the Kindle - just to make sure I'm getting it right. Wink

Oh, ok, then I do fully understand the 'snake' part, and we have experienced it, even before the concentrated Karezza practice. Now I'm kinda disappointed.

As a child, I grew up in a school with a large, pet Boa constrictor that roamed the library. So I was thinking more of my memory of handling the snake - specifically the undulating ripples that propelled him. When you're 9 years old, a large, white boa is powerfully awesome thing to handle, and not something you forget.



No wonder I couldn't find anything on the internet about "anitra"--the word is "amrita"--LOL!

Anyway, I corrected my original post! Diana Richardson says (paraphrasing here): "The woman releases copious amounts of the delicious nectar called "amrita" in moments of divine ecstasy."

Sorry for the confusion~!