Dreams are a bit different

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I've always had extended periods of awareness and less awareness of dreaming. At the moment, I'm in an awareness period. The dreams seem a little different in the sense that they seem like a methodical recreation of normal life. It feels like there are very brief pauses in the creation process as if leprechaun brain electricians are checking out the rewiring job. I'm aware of dreaming for extended periods as opposed to closer to waking. Dreams seem longer and more developed. I'm sort of outside my body in that I know I'm sleeping and dreaming. I can even force myself to sleep longer if I want the dream to keep going.

Anyone else have dream pattern changes? I should play around with some of the dream seeding concepts and see what I can learn from those leprechauns.

Yes, but how did I get

Yes, but how did I get there? Is it balance related, my trying to connect with my inner child, something else? Could it be my form or an early form of wet dream? I think I'm somewhere in week 3, but I've lost track a while ago and refuse to go check. I've never had a wet dream so I can't know. The dreaming has been continuous for weeks with the exception of when I was sick. Even last night when I only napped a few hours in the morning (long story), it felt like I was dreaming before I even fell asleep. At some point I decided I was too tired to watch the dream and so I don't recall it. I could feel eye movement beginning. I've had nights where reading leads to almost passing out into a dream state and sleep simultaneously. It is kind of fun in a way. I can do things in the dreams repeatedly and get different reactions. I'm not sure how I'm doing it. The dreams are simple without much actually going on in them. Silly tings like buying pants over and over until it gets boring. I've got to make use of this ability while it is here. I've started to toy with seeding, but I don't seem to have that amount of control.