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I was going to blog some thoughts, but this will perhaps be more useful. I've always had a fairly active inner mind in the sense of communicating with myself. I've got an active inner world. I don't know if I like it that way or not. It's never been any other way...it does get tired and slow down at times. Lately, I get into an intense sort of purge mode. At those times I wish there were some way to record the stream of consciousness because the ideas seem good and come from somewhere I can't access on demand. I don't think any tape or writing system would work because it would be too slow and also would distract my mind from the process. I can do other things simultaneously, but not mind intensive things. I don't think it is racing thoughts. I'm not sure exactly how to better describe it. I know this sort of thing can be triggered by anxiety, my trying to solve the riddle of myself, and so on. That does seem to be a component, but perhaps there is more too it. It feels my mind is just using this tool to try to access something I can't quite get a handle on.



you ever read about others who "download" such inspired streams of thought? Pretty interesting. I remember finding a biography of Edgar Cayce fascinating.

Do find a way to record the thoughts in some form. It can be very enlightening to look back over them.

I want to be able to look

I want to be able to look back over them, but I don't see how to balance experiencing and downloading. Sometimes this can be very inspiring and gives me direction. Maybe I'm not meant to download and should instead just focus on listening to my own mind. I think the biggest difference between the streams and normal thought is the ability not to think. The streams just play naturally like a river running downstream. I've managed to have moments lately where I can communicate with another person in the same manner. It feels the same except the tape is audible. I feel a little outside myself in that moment as if I am projecting me onto the other person and the world. I'm not sure where the material for the tape comes from or what part of the brain is computing the thoughts so quickly. There appears to be an untapped resource that knows what to do and say and figure it all out much faster than the rest of me. I'm not sure which me is the default me. I'm starting to wonder if that is the real message being the streams. An inner chick chipping away at a shell and piping up when really needed. The tapes are usually mood neutral to positive in the sense that they are not trying to push me down, but either hold me up or pull me up.


One of my favorite books says "revelation" (direct guidance) is natural. The only reason we're not all doing this is because our "ego" is so damned loud...due to constant feelings of lack and fear born of separation, which then get projected onto others making the world seem scary and making our "walls" seem prudent. Trouble is...those fears then manifest as more scary things, so it's a vicious cycle, unless we increase our deep, subconscious feelings of wholeness. Just what you've been doing, if I'm not mistaken. Wink