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I think everyone going through recovery should experiment with fasting. Here's why aside from the health benefits of resting, cleaning the body, and losing some weight. The parallels between PMO and food are astounding. Of course we need some food and need no PMO, except for many of us PMO is just a substitute for human connectivity that we do need. Isolated humans for the most part are unhealthy. Also, we can openly talk about fasting without any shame. Breaking the silence is healing. Be prepared for some strange reactions, but cherish that it would be a whole lot weirder if you were talking about what we're doing here. Is it stranger not to orgasm for two months or not to eat for a three days?

I have experience with fasting, but that was limited to about 25 hours. If you've never done any fasting, perhaps do a few one day fasts first. I had never water fasted before this and it was a little different. First I had to get used to drinking and then remember to drink enough. I went into it cold with no major ramp up. I planned to do three days and eat on the morning after the third day. I ended up extending my fast to try going to a party while fasting. Talk about sober. In the end I fasted about 4.5 days (roughly 106 hours). I went about my life normally. I felt fine energy-wise. I could have gone longer, but decided there was value in watching the ramp back to food. I was active. I did notice libido wane in the first two days, but it came back quite strongly after that. Perhaps that cycle had nothing to do with the fast. The ED crowd can make their own observations. I only experienced hunger in my stomach or head, neither of which are true hunger. True hunger is in your mouth like extreme thirst. It was mild anyway, but again I'm used to fasting. I was mindful of the cravings. The first day I walked past some candy and if my stomach had arms that would have been the end of the fast right there and then. I did notice several things I have not previously experienced. My nervous system seemed faster and more stable. My skin felt more like the organ it is with depth and separation from my inner body. My skeleton and organs felt more independent. My own touch and other’s touch was more electrical, penetrative, and non-local. It felt like I could almost feel my own bone marrow. My breath was naturally deeper. I'm not sure I've ever breathed so deeply.

The party was interesting. I wasn’t too social, but I had several mental realizations that are important for my progress. I had to make sure I drank enough water. I should have shown up with a camelback and a catheter as it would have made life easier. I was pretty good at reading the females and had some internal laughs when I could read non-interest in anyone and some guy would make a fool of himself. I wasn’t quite sure how to use my heightened awareness. I also noticed how different it felt to be bumped or jostled. I felt very stable and could process the data much faster than in typical normal life. It just wasn’t the right event to try myself out with too many females.

Starting to eat again feels worse than the stopping. To be fair I do have a cold now so maybe I can't base much on this fast's transition back to food. I also think I didn't ramp up gently enough. That said, I noticed some recovery points here too. For example, I could see how my eating was novelty seeking. A little of that, this, and some more of that...perhaps there is a Coolidge effect for food. I noticed some interesting things at a food store. How I viewed food post fast was sort of how I might view porn. As I'm sick it is hard to say, but the systemic benefits seem to be fading. Maybe with more fasting I can train myself to keep those around.

Overall it was great and I will try again. We should have national fast weeks. . .mental notes for my future benevolent dictatorship. I plan to get to 10 days at some point. I’m not sure how long is best to wait between fasts. I think I'll make this a regular part of life once I get it down better. It is hard to avoid social food as food is at every event. It takes resolve to pass up the food and drink water. It can be a hassle to carry enough water around.

I think I'm narrowing my female base even more because I think it would be cool to try karezza at the end of a three day fast. The brain/nervous system sensitivity would make that super. If any couples out there want to try and report back, please do. It now makes more sense to me that some religions have the couple fast on their wedding day although people break the fast before sex.



I fast every Wednesday. I eat dinner on Tuesday and then nothing until Wednesday dinner. It's a nice practice of will. I've learned that hunger is just a feeling that I don't have to satisfy right away. Thursday can be dangerous for binging; so there are lessons post break fast too.
Love ya all


My goal was to clear out my glycogen stores (lose weight). I've come to really appreciate the gifts of the discipline.
Eating is a social activity and my family wouldn't tolerate me missing dinner.
Bonne Chance

What has happened over time

What has happened over time with your weight? How long have you been doing this? I lost some some weight, but not as much as one might think. You are consuming ~86% of the calories you would otherwise eat assuming no binging. Are you eating more or less the other days doing this? Do you notice any cleansing. I notice little if any cleansing from one day fasts.

I like the long duration for the greater challenge and supposedly greater cleansing. The heightened mind-body sensitivity is worth exploring more. As is escaping the social eating paradigm. The world looks funny with fasting eyes...all those eaters and then me wondering what the heck I'm doing. And what does a date look like. You're cute but I'm fasting so let's get some distilled water later. Or should I go start a meetup event for fasting people...hmm, maybe if I had more time.

Multi-day fasting is nothing like a one day fast. One day is only a little longer than I sometimes go without eating when I get lazy and eat in the late afternoon. It takes 3-4 hours for the stomach to empty and even longer for the digestive system to reach rest. I don't know if it ever empties...I'll find out fasting longer I guess. My plan of one 10 day/year and a three day the other months is close to yours calorie-wise (~88%). I suppose I could do a few more three day ones over the year like say every third week (~84%). This is like quiting smoking and pocketing all that change...I'd guess easy $600 a year if I eat 10% less food not mention the time saved shopping, cooking, eating, and getting rid of it. Of course, I'll need new clothes unless I start wearing monk garb. I'll probably be more healthy if I can avoid colds which are apparently a risk due to more mucus. I might have weird realizations and become rich or at least write a book about the funny anecdotes of fasting in an eater's world. I must journal next time.

I need to experiment more. Next time I'm going to try distilled water. Some of these websites are intense with lots of preparation and enemas and all. I guess I don't eat that badly and am not as toxic as some because I jumped in, drank tap water, jumped out, ate too much too fast, but pulled through fine. I actually think the enema isn't a bad idea because peristalsis seems to slow. I can see how more cleaning might happen if the system was emptier. It would perhaps make starting up again smoother too. I should experiment when not fasting. I'm not keen on the unnaturalness of it, however. My body can suffer a little bumpiness. I also think contrary to my usual break fasts, I should not drink anything other than water for a day. Even a little juice aggravated my empty system or it was just chance. And who knows what some alcohol did within a short while of eating... probably killed most of the good.


I've lost 20 pounds and changed the way I view food. I've been at it for more than 3 years. I agree, no noticeable cleansing. Wednesday break fast at dinner, I eat less. Thursday can be crazy binging...craving fats (chips)....interesting to watch the desire rise and how conscious I am about dealing with it. It's a reminder how nice balance is.

Have you tried skipping

Have you tried skipping dinner and fasting until the next morning? That might leave you less bing oriented.

I'm surprised skipping only breakfast and lunch would be that significant. It must be the conscious changes more than the calories. I think my math before was wrong because dinner is in America the biggest meal and you're not skipping any dinners.

I might try your approach. Although I think I want a full day. I could hybridize that with my approach. Fast one day a week and substitute a three-day one every third or forth week. I should get experimenting. One day next week will be water only.

Does it help to have a routine? My life is very unscheduled so planning fasts is almost impossible. I have to just do it.

Fear of starvation perhaps.

Fear of starvation perhaps. Try one day and see how it goes. Or start with a day fast. I started to notice the most benefit on the 2nd day. The third day I didn't want to stop. The fourth day I was more nervous to go on because I told someone and they were negative toward it. I also felt a little too sensitive around people...I could sort of feel them and their motion from about 20 feet away. I don't think I was ready for that sensitivity. 10 days is going to be interesting. I have to plan for it because I don't want my household to know, but it is kind of obvious if I'm not eating for 10 days. I'll also have to go through many environments. Winter might not be the best time as there seems to be some impact on body temperature. I'm not usually cold, but I was a little colder than normal.


Right on. Eating and sex are very interlinked. It's good that you are experimenting with this, and making the observations you are making about consumerist culture in general. Curious: Do you exercise everyday while you are fasting?

My exercise regime has

My exercise regime has gotten inconsistent and lazy. Not that I was ever very good about. I was meant to be a caveman and hunt, not force myself to be artificially active in preparation for a hunt that never happens.

The main thing with fasting seems to be to stay active enough to not let fluids stagnate in the body. I walked around town quite a bit which was plenty to do that. I did some more formal weight exercise on one of the days. I didn't try aerobics. I did not notice any problems doing either activity. More experimentation is needed.