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I am looking for anything that will decrease sexual desire during this first phase of weaning myself from pornography -- specifically, something that will at least help me make a stride toward mitigating the chemical/spiritual imbalance from orgasm/recovery... I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about supplements, etc... Something to decrease the fire, so maybe I can get a foothold...

Many thanks

There is a listing on the

There is a listing on the site (not sure where) of two sanctioned homeopathic doctors who are willing to provide support to you. I don't know of the listing, but look around and it's here. Here's a suggestion though, in the short term. Come up with two lists, one that has the reasons for engaging in sex acts, and one list for why not to. See which one is bigger. I bet your reasons not to are much bigger. Use it to reinforce your rational mind and work against the instinctive part. Hope that helps.

Energy Work

For wherever it's worth, I know some fairly potent breaths that cool down the sex urge. They're old Taoist stuff. If you're into meditation, then I can help you. This is a long shot, but, that's what I know about.


I don't want to say that supplements and homeopathy couldn't be helpful (I take both on a consistent basis - lets see, my fridge today consists of a daily dosage of: magnesium, vitamin c, echinacea, fish oil, chaste berry, and kali phos).

I work in a naturopathic clinic and I have recently been involved in creating a website for the sale of supplements, and believe me, they can be addictive too! (Every supplement describes how it helps with what is obviously a vital function, to the point where you may wake up taking something for liver cleansing, thryroid support, adrenal-pituitary axis health, blood cleansing, healthy gut flora, etc etc etc ad infinitum.)

Maybe I'm just bored with uploading pictures of boxes of pills all day long, but I'd like to point out that the supplement industry, while nowhere nearly as insiduous as the pharmaceutical industry, is a money-making industry after all, and as such you need to be aware of not getting ripped off, and choose products wisely for quality as they can turn out to be very expensive indeed.

My sense is that the nutritional supplements craze is a maze that can become increasingly hard to navigate the more you learn about the body and how complex it is.

I've traded some web design for over $2,000 worth of naturopathic care, and I can still say that most of the health changes and benefits I've seen I have discovered myself through a process of trial and error, or inner listening, or - quite simply - sane living.

Most of us know what we should be doing to live well. We just don't actually care enough about ourselves to actually do it. That seems to be the crux of the matter, at least in my experience. Because secretly we are scared to be empowered.

Eat simple, give thanks, get outside, move a lot, and show your care for someone else and you'll be fine. I guess I'm saying I don't really thing the solutions are ever "out there". You have it all. Just have the courage to discover what a goldmine you are - all the qualities besides addictiveness and horniness you have. Or how you can channel this immense energy in new ways.

I hear you

Having been a nurse for a long time and been followed around clinics by drug reps I understand what you are saying. As someone with medical knowledge who is also trying to live a sane and healthy life, I feel, in my gut, that as much as a practitioner may know, there's nothing to match our own intuition.
I am intrigued by "Chaste Berry", especially in light of where we are writing"...
Take care, hope you had a grand hike.

Chaste berry

Chaste berry is also known as Vitex - it evens out hormones by way of the pituitary gland. Could be good for menopausal symptoms, perchance! Not sure why its called chasteberry. It is a beutiful plant, with lovely purple fragrant flowers.


Thanks, Hotspring. I'll check it out. I'm all about hormonal regulation these days...Some of that I can manage, but the parts related to my menstrual cycle feel wildly out of control. I can use all the help I can get!