Numbness @ 12 weeks

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Has anyone noticed a sort of numbness as one goes longer into abstinence? It isn’t emotional numbness exactly. It seems more physical. I might not be aroused when I otherwise would be on a physical level, but I am emotional still engaged. I can’t quite channel energy the way I previously could and my own touch feels a little different. It might just be a phase like much of life. Or perhaps water fasting has made my typical life with food more flat. I suppose that just like porn can create flatness, fasting could as well, but from the negative stimulation position or perhaps from a stimulation position due to the hyperawareness it often brings. Fasting can also bring up emotional muck so it might take time to process that and get back to pre-fasting sensitivity.

For the ED concerned, I do notice stronger and longer lasting morning erections. I also observe more frequent and intense pulsations in my penis, usually when no erection is present. That can happen at any time throughout the day.


Also not unusual

Month 3 and 4 is usually where most will break off, I suppose, if what people have posted here seems true.

I'd say most of December I was in a weird place. I wasn't overly excited by much of anything. It was like a constant drone. It made it very easy to abstain from orgasm, though. There were moments where I wondered if I was a bit brain dead. Always morning wood, not so much during the day or night unless I consciously started thinking about it.

Month 4 has been different. Things have picked up, and I have more dreams occasionally, as if my brain is still occasionally trying to convince me to have an orgasm again. I'm not as muted anymore.

At week 20, I will have moments where I'm definitely feeling it, even midday now, whereas before it took more effort and thinking.

Not sure if that was helpful though.

Thanks. Good to know that

Thanks. Good to know that after another month, it might pass. This makes it tough to date because there is an information gap as I don't know what is sexually up or down. Arousal seems more deeply emotional and action based but not much of a body feeling in real-time.

No worries

I only abstain because I have a larger goal, and know from past history that trying to "manage" myself is really a fool's errand... I'll simply get addicted to what I used to do.

Besides, I rather like this. This coming Saturday will mark 5 months. It's been clearing my head. I socialize a bit more, and taking baby steps in talking to women. People still say I need a girl or a wife, or that they would have chased me in their younger days. It's a nice compliment, and I don't think I would have received it if I hadn't really worked in digging myself out of the rut of addiction with porn and always pleasuring myself.

But I heard the Catholic seminary only requires that I be free of sexual addiction and masturbation for 1 year before I can apply. I'm almost half way there!!! Yay!!!!! Wink