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After going 48 days without pornography, I slipped and went back to the porn. My previous record was 45 days, so I have surpassed that. I am, however, still quite upset at having slipped. I know what has lead me here, though:
-Smoking. I bought a pack about a week ago and started again. This has thrown me off. I noticed since I started again that my sexual drive went way up (well, sexual drive for porn). It throws me off course trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
-Imbalance in emotions. The last few weeks I have had ups and downs, and lately especially. Could be due to the smoking as well. I have been unsure of how to deal with it, and so resorted to cigarettes. Replacing one addiction with another.

My plan:
-To take my current pack of cigarettes, rip them in half and throw them away. I can't have them
in my life if I want to succeed with ousting porn. I think the nicotine has fiddled with my dopamine and reward systems and caused me to become imbalanced and to crave. Though I am no neuroscientist, mere speculation.

I heard on the radio someone talking about how just one element to a healthy lifestyle, if neglected, can throw off the whole course. That does truly seem to be the case.

I must try to look up. I need some encouragement now. Too bad I slipped, but I did go a lengthy time. Also must resist relapse.

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for getting that far, two times in a row. Just curious, did you think about masturbating without porn as a way to relieve the tension? I know porn is a much headier drug, and there are solid neurochemical reasons for that. But try the middle ground next time and see if it's easier on you.

Blog if you like. Maybe we can help next time you start to hit the crunch period.

Good luck with the ciggies. Here's to healthy lungs! Smile

*big hug*

I have experienced the same

I have experienced the same thing with cigarettes, that lapsing in that area brings on a lapse in other resolutions too. Perhaps you can see this as a learning experience? Before you felt like you were only fighting the porn and only needed to be strong enough to do that. Now you know that you have to be strong and fight both porn and nicotine, and that you can't lapse on either without losing the fight to both?
Good luck Smile 48 days is a long time. It proves beyond doubt that you can do this - it just caught you off guard how the cigarettes can weaken your resolve..

interesting about

interesting about cigarettes. never thought about them in regards to sex drive. you know they put all manner of chemicals in them. perhaps some of those have an effect on libido.