The Great Porn Experiment

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The Evolutionary ReviewAbout a year ago I was asked to write an article for an academic journal called The Evolutionary Review. It has finally been published. I couldn't get a proper PDF of it, so here's the galley proof for those of you who would like to read it:

The Great Porn Experiment

"The collision of widespread internet porn use with man’s ancient mammalian brain constitutes one of the fastest-moving, most global experiments ever unconsciously conducted...."



Just an amazing article Marnia. I really do hope that this helps spur a revolution in the study of the effects of internet porn. Most people have no clue as to what is at stake if things are left as they are.

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Thanks, Marnia. Awesome

Thanks, Marnia. Awesome article! Alarming and reassuring at the same time. Just what I needed right now to remind me how I got into this mess, and why it's such an unpleasant but worthwhile process to get out of it Smile

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