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This topic is a list of web sites or forum threads where is mentioned.

I already said before and I strongly believe that there are millions (litterally) of people out there who would listen to and benefit from the message this web site is carrying. The main problem is that those people who would be interested have not found this website. Not yet. It is therefore important that whatever online community we are part of, we find an appropriate way to inform those people about

Over the months, I have seen many forums threads where an article from this site is being referred to during the discussion. Most of the time, it is not a member of this forum who mention this site, but people who independently found and thought it interesting enough that they wanted to share their find with the other members of their community.

Obviously, we would encourage regular visitors of this site to do the same in an appropriate manner in the other online communities they are part of.

If you have seen Reuniting mentioned somewhere, in a forum discussion or an article, please post a link in reply to this thread.

Blog Roll : about Love, Fear, and Superman's orgasms!

Nowadays, many people have their own blog. Quite a few have written a blog entry over time where they post a link to Reuniting. Reuniting may not be the topic of their blog, nor even sex freed from orgasm, but a link is always an opportunity given to the blog readers to click and discover a site they wouldn't have found otherwise.

Today, I show you two very differing blog entries.


In her blog entry, Annabel ponders about what is love, and what is not love. She writes:

Fear is the only thing that's universal. The opposite of fear is love, but not everyone experiences love. I'm struck, tonight, how easily the former is mistaken for the latter.

Most appropriately, she links her words fear response to Mania's and Gary's article on the same topic: Love & Fear.


Rick's blog entry is much more casual and even humorous. He wonders whether Superman has Super Size Orgasms.


Serious issues, or light hearted fun: there are many ways to link to your favorite web sites :)

German Forum

Many discussion boards link to us. Usually one forum member finds this site, and likes it enough to share a link on their board. Often, this triggers a debate about's findings. Some discussions never rise above the knee-jerk dismissive reaction, like "Will this site actually help me get laid?" (answer: actually, it would! You get "laid" by your partner much more often!). On other boards, even if not everyone agrees (which is ok), providing a link to this site is often the opportunity to have a serious, inhibited discussion about the role of sexuality in our intimate relationships.

On a German forum, in the thread "Wohin mit der sexuellen Energie??" (What of the sexual energy?), a member quoted and linked to our article in German "Warum ziehen sich Liebende nach dem Sex voreinander zurück?", which is the translation of the original article "Why Does A Lover Pull Away after Sex?".

The article has generated some genuine interest:

vielen Dank, Levander, für den interessanten und informativen Beitrag. Die site gibt viele gute anregungen und nachdenkswertes. und beleidigt vielleicht so manches "ego" .... aber gerade deshalb, click it!

Dieser Link von Levander ist wirklich nicht schlecht!

For those who understand German, part of the discussion is interesting, partly around the definition of "conventional sex".

Some are asking questions, but unfortunately, my German is too rusty for me to go there and answer them...

Spreading the Word

I thought I would pipe in on this subject quickly ---

First of all, when it comes to promoting this website and the concepts/practices it contains, we need to understand that Peace competes with a world saturated by information. We are bombarded from all modes of media out there --- from TV's, to books, to the Internet, and beyond.

With that said, I think the BEST form of "advertising" is by word of mouth. I don't trust anyone on the TV who gets paid for saying "You need this" or "You need that". However, if I'm talking to a friend or coleague, and they mention that they have had a MAC computer for 3 years after converting from a PC, and they are very happy with their decision, then I am much more likely to consider a MAC for my next computer.

OK, ok...I'm a little off topic here, but I think you see my point. Now, unfortunatly we are not selling a product but a way of life. A way out of suffering and into happines. I think this is good, because I believe that this is the ultimate goal of all humans all around the world. So the "market" is certaintly strong.

I'm going to sidetrack a bit now.

I recieved an email 2 years ago from a friend of a friend who said they quit smoking after having read a book (Allan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking). Ha ha. Funny, I know. A couple of months later, I was starting to really get sick and tired of my smoking habit/addition and was looking to get out --- again. I remembered that book and it sounded a lot less painful than zyban. So I bought it for $20 --- 7 hours later I had my last smoke and I've been quit ever since. That book saved my life. I tell smokers and non-smokers about this book all the time. The author has sold MILLIONS of books and has held clinics around the world with VERY LITTLE advertising. He trusted that the truth and effectiveness of his book would generate enough word of mouth advertising and that if it was really going to be a success, then that would be all he would need to rely on. The truth just works that way.

I think the same will happen to Peace. Both Allan Carr and Peace's products deal with removing addictions which people hold dear to them - a touchy subject indeed. Both work with illuminating the truth so that the reader can understand the source of their suffering. Both offer solutions to move forward with their lives. The only difference between Peace and Allan Carr's book --- is that Allan Carr's method works immediately and Peace takes 21 days. Not a problem if Peace really does work.

So the question is --- does Peace really work? If it does, then it's just a matter of time before all these blissed out people are approached by everyone else asking them why they are so blissfully happy! Just like people asked me how I could be so happy after I had just quit smoking. Of course, there will be skeptics, but the truth doesn't stay hidden for long.

Perhaps Marnia and Allan Carr's group could learn something from one another. I actually have written to Allan Carr's company asking if they have looked into sex/porn addiction because, besides smoking, they have cured alchol addiction, heroin addiction, and food addiction...just not sex. I also linked him to the Reuniting website and dropped the bomb that perhaps the world is addicted to orgasm? He didn't give me a response on that one. However, the director did tell me that sex addiction is something they are working on and that a book is expected to be released sometime in the next 2 years. Interesting.

OK, that was long enough...Thanks for listening.

Peace and Love to you all