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I began masturbating at an early age and have been trying to find ways to make it better. 6 years ago I stumbled apon a method that has ruined my life. It involes lightly rubbing my arms together and licking above the armpit by the collar bone. It produces the most extreme pleasure I have ever had..better than any drug or orgasm. I start with that using porn or fantasy and when I cant get the feeling anymore I finish by masturbating normal until orgasm. Being stoned makes the pleasure way more intense. I have quit doing it because im convinced it has rewired me and I have bad depression and anxiety that im sure is from this strange method. I just want to know what it is or what im actually doing and if it is why I feel like crap all the time. It feels very addictive.

The reason your feeling like

The reason your feeling like crap is due to the same mechanism behind caffeine addiction, PMO, fast food consumption, alcohol, illicit drugs, etc- Your exposing yourself to extreme simulation. All these activities allow you to grow wings and reach the sky. After your done however, your wings get clipped and you come crashing down to earth. Hahaha. Thats my metaphorical explanation Smile . Here's a link if you want a scientific explanation http://yourbrainonporn.com/your-brain-on-porn-series. Good luck.


so it doesnt really matter what im doing if the result is that much pleasure. Its the dopamine right? would I have to experiment to see if regular mb once a week would hurt? not sure, im very new to this and didnt know what I was doing to my brain chem. the link really opened my eyes. Thank you so much!

Below are a few articles on

Below are a few articles on the subject of excess stimulation.

Yes that is right, it doesn't matter what you are doing, it's whatever registers as a superstimulus for you. For one person the superstimulus might be transsexual porn, for another it might little tiny feet, for another might be feeding someone until they are 1,000 pounds and bedridden (the last one we saw on a TV show 2 nights ago).

As far as masturbating, it may be fine to place yourself on a schedule to see how it works. Most men who write on the forum attempt abstaining from both porn and masturbation for a couple of months to return to balance. For those with ED, avoiding masturbation seems to be necessary. See what works for you.

Protect Your Appetite for Pleasure

Intoxicating Behaviors: 300 Vaginas = A Lot of Dopamine

Has Evolution Trained Our Brains to Gorge on Food and Sex?


I am on day 4 of total avoidance and the materials and posts on this site are really helping...couldnt do it on my own. I will continue to update my progress. Thanks to all involved with this great site and good luck!!

Day 4!

That's a good start. Are you exercising? That can be a really good mood regulator while you're going through the ups and downs of recovery.


starting to notice cravings and withdrawl symptoms getting stronger. Im a little worried because of how intense the pleasure blasts I got were. can withdrawl get dangerous? I will keep truckin and ride it out.


Staying hooked is dangerous. Smile That said, withdrawal can get ugly. Details here, just so you don't panic if any happen to you: http://yourbrainonporn.com/what-does-withdrawal-from-porn-look-like

Think of your favorite action hero and go right through it. Also do things that help regulate your mood. The three most mentioned here are finding some companionship, vigorous exercise and meditation. But there are lots of others here: http://yourbrainonporn.com/tools-for-change#tools

When in doubt, ask Uncle Bob: http://yourbrainonporn.com/uncle-bob-porn-addiction-recovery-tips


8 days no 'P or O' about 1 minute of M and a little light edging. Feel way more depressed even with my antidepressent. things are grey and nothing is enjoyable. Have no motivation for anything and can barely leave the bed. Should I just 'O' with no fantasy once a week like a taper? can barely handle this but am not backing down!

Orgasm makes dopamine drop

Keep going. The first week is often the worst. I don't see an orgasm would help with depression as you will get a moment of dopamine rush, then your dopamine will drop again. Your withdrawal symptoms are normal, and due to a lack of porn, not lack of ejaculations. Have your read the links Marnia gave you?


yes I read ALL the links and more and it is the only thing giving me hope. So once brain function returns to normal will every orgasm still cause wd symptoms? I dont want to test to early like the page says. Im confused because I was doing two things, one was regular MB and the other was before hand. I would lightly rub my arms together and lick above the armpit. Sounds crazy but it gave intense pleasure even better than O.and I didnt even touch the penis. So is this a duel addiction? which one caused more damage? sorry for all the questions!

Who knows?

I'm sorry you're feeling so horrible. *puts cool, wet cloth on Hurona's forehead*

What can you do to distract yourself? These miserable "brain worms" are just part of the neurochemical swings related to restoring balance. Have you tried vigorous exercise (even though you don't feel like it)? Putting on dancing music and jumping around? Taking a walk? Calling a friend and thinking about your friend's issues for a while? Cold shower?

More ideas here: http://yourbrainonporn.com/tips-on-rebooting

What does Uncle Bob say? http://yourbrainonporn.com/uncle-bob-porn-addiction-recovery-tips

filling the void

noticed I have been increasing caffeine and nicotine use during reboot and im guessing that has been why its harder to get going and get motivated. I am just using another substance for stimulation and now without caffeine I am useless! cutting way back now and working out more. a week and a half with no pmo and counting. My goal is to wait for natural horniness before I mb again and keep it once a week. I have no car, not many freinds and not much money so I use the excuse that I wont meet a woman anytime soon so I might as well mb until then, but I know the truth now that when I do meet one my mind needs to be rewired or else! p.s love all the links, keep em coming!

Yeah, but

flirting is among the most rewarding of experiences. So as soon as you feel able, get out there...even if all you do is hangout in a park and smile. Or take a frisbee and see what happens.


wondering if my antidepressent med is numbing me in some way. I know they work on serotonin but can they affect dopamine as well? its an ssri and they are known to reduce libido. Main question is can they keep you from being too happy as well as too sad?

They affect

people differently. And, to be honest, exercise has been shown to be more effective than antidepressants. Sad

If you have a hunch they're making things worse, then come up with a strategy with your doctor. Quitting them suddenly is a very bad idea. Your brain needs time to recalibrate.


slowly unraveling this mystery. I figure im a little worse off because I am dealing with two seperate dopamine 'blasters' the weird rub/licking thing I will call 1 and 2 is regular mb/orgasm. 1 is the bigger blast, almost too intense if you can believe it! so without 1 It is hard to do 2 so its hard to figure out which is causing more withdrawl/craving. I know, sounds nuts! but since quitting both and using this site I know I can regain normal sexual appetite.


The best way to find out what's what is to give everything a long rest.

But once you have a sweetheart, I'm going to tell her the secret to your heart. Wink


one thing I know is that I need physical touch. The little I do get feels so great and its not sexual in the least.

Smart man

You're so right. Therapeutic massage, dance classes, hugs from friends...and ideally a cuddle buddy. All can make withdrawal so much easier.


gave in and masturbated but must admit, it was damn good. I didnt use porn and very minimal fantasy. I did not use the crazy licking thing and im happy about that. The strange thing is before, after my lick method I would then mb and during ejac the fluid would just seep out and now without the method it is like a rocket. Is this dopamine related? I still crave it after 2 weeks, more than mb so it proves which method was stronger. I will keep fighting.