Think I'll Be OK Without Sequins?

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Ok, ok. I've been posting for a while now. Rebooting. Recovering. Reevaluating. Rejuvenating. And now, just sort of stagnating.

I'm in grad school now. I make pennies on the dollar. I live in a tiny room in a basement, but what the hell? It's time to meet some women. I often think I need to get a better wardrobe, new hairstyle, get a new apartment--do a whole personal update--before I start on the scene. But, nahhh. No agendas. Just get going. Maybe I'll meet someone to go birdwatching with. It can be nonlinear. And I'd probably get along better with someone who doesn't vacuum their car every other Saturday.

It's just time to get out there as my "out there" self. It's overdue, actually. So I'm going to get some photos together and write a profile and put it on a dating site or two. I'm giving myself one week to do it. I've had some fun on there before, and I find that after I go on a bunch of dates, it's a lot easier to strike up a conversation at a bar or a coffee shop or wherever. Blah blah blah.

Keep those cards and letters coming. I'm glad you're all here!


add another - ing to that list above...

visualizing your future outcome is an important thing to do, as you embark on this new chapter. Spend some time seeing yourself successfully making contacts, meeting and dating. See yourself very confident and secure about yourself. Rehearse it in your mind, all positive etc. This sets you up to be congruent with your self, and your self-talk will not be negative as you have already rehearsed it all several times, with the positive outcome.

Because we don't want you to get into fantasizing wildly, see a generic prospect, not your dream girl, that way you will not get disappointed by 'visions' that are not realistic.

Have fun practicing,

He's Live

Ok, the profile is up. I just carpetbombed Southern NH with introductory messages. I better go to bed before things get crazy.