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So, I went a long time getting to about 5 to 7 days each time between MO. Hadn't watched porn in about 6 months, then I had a breakthrough and made it 39-40 days.

Then, I got too excited over a period of a few hours, decided to play with it, and watched about 2 minutes of porn as I finished, then 2 days later watched it for an hour or two.

Hmmm..... I'm adamant that I'm still going to count this good in a way. 40 days, no ejaculation, period. That has got to be more important than the 2 days off. In fact, I think I went so long without P before because I was in a cycle, a sort of comfort zone. Every 5 to 7 days. Now, I'm actually moving, so the beast is fighting back.

I am trying to find a special someone to be with, but somehow even the online women somehow "know" that I'm low on the attractive force of saved up sexual energy. My initial messages are pretty much using the same sort of formula or method, I talk about one of their interests that is a mutual interest of mine, and ask them a question about them or something else so they have a reason to answer back. No answers this week. On the other hand, the other day, I was walking into a store and someone smiled at me. But, then her body language changed to cold shoulder as she got close. I believe this was my fault. I tried to smile back, but, when I'm not feeling good about myself and I smile, it doesn't look like a smile.



work on smiling with you eyes. It's subtle, but more genuine. Practice in the mirror.

Do you suggest meeting up with the women on line? I know my sister got fed up with online dating because the guys would happily chat...but never get off their duffs. Wink

Yeah... seems I'm having the

Yeah... seems I'm having the same problem with women. I got a few to message back and forth a little, and that was all. But, at least they messaged me back. Now that I think about, I was using a different approach with the ones who messaged back. I would just say in the first message something like, "Can I ask you a question?". I guess this piques their curiosity bc it doesn't "sound like all the other guys on here".