Some 300,000 Dutch people suffer from 'sex addiction'

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Some 300,000 Dutch people suffer from 'sex addiction'
Monday 21 November 2011

The Netherlands has a 'hard core' group of 300,000 people who are addicted to sex, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.
Sex addiction is now the third biggest addiction problem in the country, after alcohol and nicotine, the paper says, quoting Dick Trubendorffer of the Amsterdam private clinic GGZ CrisisCare.

'We are now just beginning to get a good picture and there is an alarming upward trend,' Trubendorffer is quoted as saying. 'This worries me greatly.'

Trubendorffer treats some 500 sex addicts a year, often men who have a partner. 'One of my patients is a father who lies on the sofa in the morning watching porn with his trousers round his ankles,' he told the paper.

'In many cases, sex addiction has become a way of life. If we continue like this, we will create a society where people cannot have stable relationships.'


The last quote

That last quote really worries me. Technology is affecting our lives in ways that our primitive brain have yet to adapt. Imagine the impact that androids( robots) will have in society when they are introduced. If the visual stimuli that porn produces deceive our brain, imagine a robot that was build to resemble a human..interesting morals dilemma that we will have in a century or so.