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Hey Guys!...let's create a list of music to enhance our love making. I'll start with:
Ave Maria by Aaron Neville
Blessing on us all

well, to be honest, the Ace

well, to be honest, the Ace of Base suggestion was a joke.
my friend Alison and I were crooning about how ridiculous 90s dance music was... ridiculously AWESOME!

if you need a reminder, just do a quick youtube search for "jock jams"
(btw... i loved the bird of paradise video! my dad has been singing that song for as long as I can remember)

I'm so glad

you were joking about Ace of Base! I was a little worried about you there for a minute. :)

This song reminds me of the last time I was really in love... it kinda breaks my heart to listen to now, but I still think it's beautiful:


This one is lovely also:


And last, but not least, the amazing Jason Molina. He sometimes makes me a little weepy, but in a good way:



Sorry I don't do youtube on my sloooow dialup
Since we got some Righteous Brothers let's add:
Soul and Inspiration

Hey why not?

Thanks for your collection, too, Miss D. (Although Gary said the first one would definitely make him lose his erection. *giggle*)

And I just learned that the Ace of Base is kind of a "son of ABBA." Right?


Let's add:
River of Love by George Strait
Tiempo Y Silencio by Cesaria Evora
Nine Million Bicycles by Katie Malua
It's R Time by Jeannie Ortega
Just call me Che

one more, if i may...

I nearly forgot about this until a few days ago...
my last sweetheart LOVED this:

Its Sigur Ros. Its just so beautiful. that video is pretty damn beautiful, too. The song kind of gradually picks up... she would listen to that or other songs by sigur ros while masturbating, or during phone sex.

we usually didn't include music in our lovemaking otherwise... but a Sigur Ros album would be pretty perfect. Its pretty, steady, and not being in english, lyrics wouldn't be a distraction.

this video is also just precious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWiJWLiSKro



As the guru of sex in Fast Times at Ridgemont High says: "Side 1 of Led Zeppelin 4!" Just kidding. I love Led Zeppelin 4, but used romantically, it is clearly designed to lead up to a very passionate crescendo.