Soft Entry from 'Tantric Sex for Men'

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I was reading about soft entry in the tantric sex book. Has anyone tried soft entry. I think it might help all of us who have anxiety around ED issues as it's a way to have sex where you are supposed to start soft, go hard, and then get soft again. I think practicing it would alleviate a lot of anxiety.

For more on "soft entry" read Tantric Sex for Men

I tried "soft entry" when my

I tried "soft entry" when my ED symptoms were returning with my last partner. I'm not sure exactly what your goal is, but when I did it on a few separate occasions, it helped me get harder and ejaculate, or merely ejaculate. I had no idea it had anything to do with tantric sex.

I did

soft entry with my gf a few days ago as I have trouble getting full erections most of the time. The tantric sex book you mentioned was a big inspiration for me not feeling so badly about my lack of full erections. As they say in the book it's actually possible to feel more in the penis when it is not completely hard. I was inside my gf for a good 15 minutes at least, in different positions too, as you mention. I see it as all part of a process of wiring myself to real intercourse and eventually getting better and better erections as I progress.

Hi, My goal is to stop


My goal is to stop having anxiety around sex and needing an erection. I think starting out with soft entry will help me.

Telepathy: When you were in for 15 minutes, were you soft the whole time? Did you eventually become hard?
Has the process helped you get/maintain erections now?



My goal is to stop having anxiety around sex and needing an erection. I think starting out with soft entry will help me.

If that's your goal then I totally agree. I think it will work.

I realized how tired I am about this whole erection business

I'm in my fifties and I'm really tired of worrying about my erection. I think that I will stop. Or more accurately, whatever "I" am will stop believing my mind's thoughts about erections, lack of them, going soft, etc. It is just a shame to have to move on this mortal coil for as short a time as we have, and to always be obsessed with how hard we are, whether we are hard, when it will go soft, how long it's been hard, etc.

I am going to just trust the penis.

That's my new motto. Trust The Penis.

It's really more "trust the penis and the vagina" because according to Diana Richardson it's a unit and that makes sense to me. I think it's pretty hilarious that we attribute a personality and will to what are really organs, but it's no different than attributing separation to each other when we are all part of a greater unit.

Trust The Penis. That's my new motto.

Very well spoken, emerson !!

My wife and I locked in early in our marriage to the idea of "trust the penis and the vagina." I believe that they have more innate wisdom about what they need from each other then we will ever have. Neither one of us waste a second on any performance anxieties. Life is too short !!