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Edit: This post wasn't really about me. It was about the people I had had sex with. I wasn't really clear on that distinction before.


Thanks for sharing yourself

Why did this sound so familiar? Smile If only mastering great sex solved all our problems! It sucks being a pair bonder sometimes. :O

It's so great to have another serious detective on the team. I really enjoy your posts.


Yes. I don't know if it was clear from my post, but I really did feel like I had exhausted my options. I mean, I've done EVERYTHING a woman is supposed to do according to the hegemonic sexual/dating advice. And it just wasn't getting me the results I wanted. In fact, it was blinding me to what the results I wanted even were!!!

I love that - a "serious detective."

just remembered

I told the good friend/therapist guy the other day that I wasn't planning on having any orgasms anymore. He said "Hell has frozen over. YOU'RE giving up sex?" I said "No, I'm giving up orgasms. I'll still have sex, just not orgasmic sex." He said "You're gonna have to put on Schindler's List whenever you have sex." Hahahaha.


But somehow I don't think "Austin: warmbed of chastity!" is ever going to overtake "live music capital of the world" or "keep Austin weird!"


I've never seen it be overcast for more than four days in a row here. And we get plenty of highs in the 70's even this time of year...

the other night

Talking to that guy, right after I had told him, he was giving me this look like I was an alien. I said "Hey, I'm just trying to keep Austin weird over here!" He cracked up and that broke the tension. Thought you'd appreciate that...