Google Talks: Why we like certain types of porn (including shemale)

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A Google Talk by neuroscientist Ogi Ogas, the co-author of the controversial "A Billion Wicked Thoughts". He does not consider desensitization leading to escalation as a possible factor in the popularity of shemale porn. As you will see, he admits to omitting vaginas from their data (you will understand why that's significant). Shouldn't trigger.


I obviously didn’t pay

I obviously didn’t pay enough attention as I don’t get your comment about the omitted vagina data.

His raw data might not be accurate if he’s basing it on actions (viewing) and not underlying needs.

He seems to rely on some generalities that might not be accurate.

I wonder what his explanation for HOCD would be?

The OR (male stimulation / female psycho/physical arousal) and AND (male psycho-physical arousal / female stimulation) gate distinction is interesting. It could be one reason men are more readily drawn into porn in the sense that a single stimulus is enough to start down a path. Women are better evolved to not get emotionally involved sexually? That seems to be coming out of this and other research. Though here, he doesn’t dwell on that.

Why is it that romance novels are in libraries? How’d that happen? It isn’t heavily questioned by society. Women even refer to them (and the series in this discussion) as brain porn:

Maybe folks like feet to see how fast partners can run away.

Omitted data

He says at some point that "pussy" has double meaning, so when people searched for pussy they couldn't tell whether they were interested in the body part or just women in general.

I interpreted that as a

I interpreted that as a nonsense justification for not looking at the data they had. I'd have bought his claim more if he looked at the data and found a way to demonstrate what he is claiming. I generally don't use the term pussy so I accept that he could know more than I do about male usage of the term.

Gary, did you mean something along these lines?

Vagina wasn't one of the four

body parts - feet, breasts, butt, penis - most searched. They simply left vagina out because they couldn't isolate it from other meanings...I guess. Pretty lame. Gives the impression that guys are more interested in penises than in vaginas.

I think a lot is skewed in his book. For example, feet will be isolated search item because porn will always have breasts, butts in it. Also, I think faces are more important to guys than feet...but you are not going to put "faces" in the search...because most porn shows faces. In other words don't tell me dicks and feet are more important than faces.

When he was going through

When he was going through his top four list I was waiting for faces and it didn't come. I also wonder about this list of four because it could be that five and six are almost as important as four and collectively more important.

The data they collected was **TRIGGER WARNING**

The data they collected was interesting, but their conclusions seemed a bit odd. Male porn viewers like looking at huge dicks? I don't think it has to do with any interest in the body part itself, I think it's because having a large dick produces more visceral and exciting porn for addicts. Someone with a small dick amuses viewers rather than draws them in. I can say from personal experience that I often dabbled with the "Huge Cocks" section, without getting drawn into looking at some guys dick, and I'm by no means gay or bisexual. It was the pounding that some of these women were taking that was far more interesting and exciting, not the male genitalia involved. Porn involving large penises is just, well, more exciting. And of course porn addicts are putting themselves in the situation, and fantasizing for a short while that you have Mandingo's length and girth (while probably destroying some poor woman's chance of sitting down) is more "empowering" (for lack of a better word) than watching some guy with a small dick. For what porn is, bigger dicks improve it, not because we want to see big dicks, but because we want to see more visceral sex. For the same reason double and triple penetration is popular, and perhaps anal sex, large dicks are just plain more exciting to watch. I can also say from personal experience that Huge Cock sections almost always had more hardcore and dominant scenes, a plus for porn addicts.

Then it comes to shemales. You take a woman, who's already attractive and certainly "bringing it" in the ass and boob department, and graft onto her the "power" of having a penis, I guess. I never, ever took an interest in shemale porn (it was just too weird for me), but that's my guess as to what the attraction is. Not the penis itself, but the newfound power it gives a woman in these sexual situations. You have a scene where there's no men, just two women going at it, and one of them has a penis? Sounds like a lesbian scene (which guys stereotypically find attractive) with the ability to penetrate and without weird-looking strap-ons. That's my best understanding of it. It's Lesbian Porn 2.0