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I bought and read your book and found it a nice approach that I will certainly try. My interest in sacred sex comes from Samael Aun Weor (I found your site via gnosis-usa).
Your approach is easier to sell (I mean to my wife :-)), compared to Samaels rigid and esoterical views. Especially since the scienctific translation and implication that you made are more easily understandable to more scietifically inclined persons. I thank you for that.

Anyway, my question would be in how much you follow this tradition (not entirely I read in you book since you recommend the use of contraceptives). And more specially the use of pork. Does it seem to affect the sacred sex? Or the nighly orgasms.

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My husband and I didn't know about the pork prohibition. However, we don't tend to eat pork. I eat very little animal product (a bit of fish now and then), and he eats lots of meat, but mostly chicken, fish and beef. So we really don't have any thoughts on that question. Sorry.

I'm concerned that the Samael Aun Weor approach creates guilt in people. In my view, guilt would makes it harder to make a transition to making love this way because every step backward is "loaded" with all kinds of fear and risk. Personally, I find it easier to let go of something if I just gently keep steering toward my new goal, rather than beating up on myself.

If what we're learning about brain chemistry is right, then this challenge is a challenge for all of humanity, and the "flavor" isn't as important as the actual practice. I admit there's more to learn, however, so I may be mistaken.

It will be interesting to see what your experience is if you and your wife try the "Peace" approach.

Warm regards,

Samael Aun Weor

[quote=Marnia Robinson] I'm concerned that the Samael Aun Weor approach creates guilt in people. In my view, guilt would makes it harder to make a transition to making love this way because every step backward is "loaded" with all kinds of fear and risk. Personally, I find it easier to let go of something if I just gently keep steering toward my new goal, rather than beating up on myself.[/quote]

Hi Marnia,

I see what you mean about guilt inducing teachings. A lot of people would find it difficult to stop eating pork and using contraceptives. Nevertheless, I was reading some of Weor's teachings and finding parts strikingly parallel to yours. I collected some quotations from his book, The Gnosis of Kali Yuga and am posting them here in the interest of informed comparison and contrast:

"The orgasm is the transformation of the creative-sexual energies into physical sensation... To become very healthy, conserve this energy and transform it. The sexual act itself is the most potent method to transmute the sexual energy. Transmutation occurs when the man and woman sexually unite in chastity, love and purity, and conclude without the spilling or expelling of sexual any energy – in other words, without the orgasm...

[When couples share orgasms] Over a course of time, the passion begins to fade away until it never really returns. The demagnetization that occurs after orgasm unconsciously repels the couple, and, after a long course of time, this demagnetization can become very strong and permanent. So, what happens? Couples that were at one time very passionate and attracted to each other will separate, divorce, seek extramarital affairs…

Of course the sexual act is very pleasurable and there is nothing wrong with that, the problem occurs when fascination of that pleasure crystallizes into lust. The sensorial phenomena that register during sex are wonderful things however few people can transform the impression of coitus correctly. More often we become very identified with the physical sensations, until all of our sexual energy is removed from us (the orgasm) – thus experiencing a few seconds of intense pleasure. That type of pleasure is the same type the drug addict becomes identified with....

If a man and woman perform the sexual act, and conclude before reaching orgasm or ejaculation of any sort, then an act of White Tantra has been performed. This simple act is the highest ritual of humanity... Purely cultivate love in your heart, comprehend your desire, and transmute the sexual energy. If you do this, you will become close to God."

Have you read this part of Weor's teaching before? I'm curious what you think of it.


For more about Weor, see:

Thanks for sharing this

Yes, I had read it, but it's always reassuring to be reminded that others have stumbled upon the same insight about the drawbacks of conventional sex.

The parallels ARE striking, and I have always found the Samael Aun Weor material very interesting...until he starts raving and ranting about growing a Devil's tail, etc. However, that may be just the right motivation for some people, and ultimately the goal is awakening...however we can best do it.

Anyway, I'm glad you posted this. I'm sure others will find it interesting, too.


Do you think a pig is a "bad" animal because it has a long orgasm? I'm not clear about why one would think that.

Orgasm is a problem for humans only because it distorts our perception and clouds our spiritual clarity (thanks to the neurochemical roller coaster that accompanies it). In other words, orgasm isn't's simply too much like taking an addictive drug and impedes our spiritual development.

Pigs presumably don't have the option of choosing to use their sexual energy differently, i.e., for a spiritual end.

Follow up


It has been a while since I was on this site and I found back my old post.

Since, I grew more and more convinced that eating pork is a bad idea. Whe I do, it is almost impossible for me to stop looking at other women. I also have wet dreams when I do.
These symptoms tend to fade away after not eating pork for some weeks. Very similar to what you describe happens after orgasm. I is not related to sex as I do not have that since quite some time.
I think it could be psychological as it is not so easy to disentangle those things. It requires more in depth study than I have time for.

So take this with some sepsis, but be warned Smile

Kind regards,


Long orgasms

I've heard this story about pigs enjoying lengthy orgasms before; but I'm not sure how true it is. The boar on the nursery where I occasionally work lives with three sows. Whenever I've seen him 'serve' them, the entire episode lasts less than a minute, and almost immediately afterwards, both parties seem far more interested in getting back to the food search they were on before they took a break for sex, than basking in any orgasmic afterglow.

I also acted as surrogate boar myself, on a number of occasions. We once owned a sow and to get her pregnant I purchased a catheter - basically a transparent rubber tube with a hollowed inside and a screw thread on its outside - and got small phials of best boar's semen sent down by express post. I also had a handy aerosol can of 'Boar's Mate'. When the sow was in heat, which, as I recall, always seemed to happen at night, usually during heavy rain, I would head towards her, carrying a storm lantern, spray the air around us with Boar's Mate, wait for her to stand to back pressure - which meant she wouldn't budge when I pushed her from behind - and insert the catheter clockwise into the appropriate orifice, which wasn't easy in semi darkness. I then poured the contents of the phial down the hollow tube, and waited for it to disappear.

My final act was to withdraw the catheter, smack the sow lovingly on the bum, and scarper, while she gave me a slightly confused stare before ambling off to her lair.

She never appeared to have any sort of orgasm, never mind one lasting half an hour; but I suppose that's hardly surprising, given the quality of our 'intercourse'.


Thanks for this bit of information, which I was very unlikely to stumble upon any other way this lifetime.

I must say, you had my full attention when you said you had been stepping in as a surrogate!

Sood, I think its

Sood, I think its interesting that your online image is one of seeds, given the nature of this site. They sure are beautiful, aren't they? In Turkey, a bride throws down a pomegranate, and the number of seeds that falls out is the number of children she will bear. Are you secretly hoping for a few more children?

The pomegranate is also reputedly the fruit of the Tree of Life.


Well spotted! I hadn't consciously considered the significance of seeds. I just love pomegranates, and find them a very sexy fruit. As for hoping for more children, we now have two grandchildren, and personally, I find them so exhausting - in a delightful way, of course - I couldn't imagine starting again.

Maybe my unconscious feels differently, though. I imagine that whatever motivates my sexual behaviour deep down is still as keen as it ever was for me to spill seed for procreative purposes.

A lot of fresh seeds have a

A lot of fresh seeds have a cooling yin nature, whereas some others with warming oils, like citrus or oregano or coriander, might be more likely to amp the system. Pomegranate seeds, being red and tart, would be good for blood building, liver tonification, and overall fiber.

Seeds can be so nutritious, and yes, as you say - sexy. I feel like my glands like something in raw sunflower seeds, some kind of essential fatty acid.

I scored two new strange seeds to eat at the asian market today: chestnuts and a "Five Star Aeroplane" brand of palm seeds, something I've never tried before. From the photo on the can, they look like a mix between frog eggs, tapioca, pearls, and sperm heads. Translucent little slippery things. I'll keep everyone posted: either they could be more dangerous than pork and ginger, or perhaps they will help to cool the passions.

If so, they could be part of a "Five Star Aeroplane" brand of natural birth control: eat them when you're feeling particularly eggy, near ovulation, and willing to do precarious things. They'll sate such an appetite.

Would eating seeds be suggestive to the subconscious to explode, or to retain essence? It seems seeds are capable of both.

I will probably get to

I will probably get to "experiment" with this sometime soon as my partner loves to eat pork! I don't know if her being very easy to satisfy (in the traditional sense) in bed has anything to do with her pork intake, but her orgasms though pleasurable as they seem don't last for nearly half an hour. Wink

Better and better every time! Wink

I don't know about that

I don't know about that clockwise insertion technique,Sood. Sounds a bit like a rotery ho ! Come to think of it I wonder if that's anything like a battery hen. Enough! I think I'll become a vegan.

Eating pork

I haven't heard that Jews or Muslims are noticeably less lusty than those who do eat pork. Or that people who eat a tremendous amount of pork - Spaniards, maybe, or the Chinese - have uncontrollable libidos. My mother in law always maintained ginger was the main thing to eradicate from the diet if a girl wanted a quiet life. Many times, she took my wife to one side and suggested limiting our intake.

I've lived in a Muslim

I've lived in a Muslim country, and in addition to avoiding pork, they also avoid onions and garlic (imagine!). However, I'd say that the strength of their Muslim libidos had more to do with the appeal and mystique of the forbidden. Perhaps onions and garlic and pork taste even better when they have been prohibited, just as a woman's hair is more evocative when only hinted at as a prominent bun beneath a headscarf.

Ginger pig

Ginger is a constant in our house; supplies of fresh root are always to hand. It helps that we love the taste, of course. It's the basis of my wife's culture, anyway; and I've happily adopted it. So, no, we're never tried going without!

Actually, I think it's a mistake to attribute rampant horniness with any food. I'm sure the real culprit lies on a deeper level than our digestive tract.

Pigs eat anything and everything, as long as there's plenty of it. I don't think their underlying nature would change even if they were fed on an exclusive diet of ginger, though the meat might taste a bit odd. I lived somewhere once where the pigs ate nothing but fish and the pork tasted of it, too.

While I'm on the subject of pigs, I ought to mention the enormous importance they give to snuggling up amongst their own. On the nursery I mentioned, I knocked together three pig houses out of old pallets, straw bales and sheets of corrugated iron, and filled them with straw, the idea being that each sow with her attendant young would have their own quarters. Albert, the boar, could then chose which of the three he wanted to spend the night with (and much of the day, too, of course, since pigs, when not eating, tend to sleep).

Two of these houses rarely got used, since all the pigs preferred gathering together in one place. There was no room inside for all of them, so they spilled out on the open ground, even on wet or frosty nights. They didn't just sleep close together; they lay fully intermingled, with snouts slumped over legs, trotters hanging over backs, rumps up against faces, snoring, grunting, twitching.

Which perhaps goes to show, when we put our babies into cribs, or manoeuvre our spouses into separate beds, for the sake of a good night's sleep, we're denying ourselves - and them - something important.

It sounds like the pigs may

It sounds like the pigs may like snuggling even more than fornicating. Perhaps the level of oxytocin generated by that much snuggling more than compensates for such long orgasms. Its all proportional.

In defence of Spiritus

I feel that it must be difficult to go out on a limb and say something slightly controversial, and then find that for the rest of the post people are extracting much amusement from the original notion. I must admit that pigs do bring forth a lot of amusement for us, just as monkeys and their antics do, and ironically that's because we recognise aspects of ourselves in these animals. But my main point in this post is to assure Spiritus that the jovial banter after that post came from a good space, that is, pigs are just funny to talk about. And you have raised a great subject that needs further discussion and research: the influence of types of food on sexual appetite. It's an important issue.

I think the foods we eat

I think the foods we eat cumulatively as part of an overall lifestyle certainly have an affect on our glandular health and therefore emotional health and therefore sexual health, so they can't be overlooked as a factor here. Sure, it's not that likely that eating a meal of pork with ginger is going to drive one crazy, but a sustained lifestyle consisting of fiery or red meats could lead to an overall inflammatory state of affairs, and not just sexually. People who eat a lot of red meat (which is high in Omega 6's, which cause inflammation), are known to be prone to heart disease and hypertension, the typical symptoms of those in a fast-paced society that thinks of time in a linear fashion. Larry Dossey's book "Space, Time, and Medicine" is a really interesting look at how different cultural notions of time affect our overall wellbeing. There's probably not much that doesn't affect our health and therefore sexuality, if looked at in terms of lifestyle choices and repeated patterns.

Also, our emotional state determines what we choose to eat. When I am stressed out and not taking care of myself by taking the time to prepare wholesome food, I eat worse and therefore become more imbalanced. This leads to a more depleted, and therefore desperate and nervous way of living that is more likely to result in compulsive sexual behavior.

pork and wet dreams- positive corelation


ive been vegetarian/vegan for over 15 years. I stopped masturbation/voluntary orgasm about 4 years ago. I have wet dreams occasionally. I have learned that many times that this happens, I can make an association with something I ate that day which had contained pork.

case 1: 2 summers ago. Go to my sisters place. She cooks pork roast for dinner. I do not consume any, but the smell of pig on the BBQ permeates the entire house and there is likelihood of cross-contamination during preparation of my food...wet dream that night.

case 2: about 3 yrs ago. Order a pizza from a regular pizza place- vegan. Likely contamination through hands of cooks, or pork grease in oven. Wet dream that night.

Those are the only 2 that come immediately to mind, but there have been others where I went back and checked ingredients on things I ate and there were pork additives i.e. gelatin or other. now that I check all lables and eat kosher/halal i do not have the problem. this brings to mind the question of why these restrictions were created in Judaism and Islam in the first Karezza can be found at the root of the teaching.

test it out for yourself! eat a fat dinner of pork chops and try the practice! let me know how it goes...


I have to quit pork to have a fulfilling love life?! I sure hope not

(a good fry-up is better than sex)